Prayer Partner Prayer Requests for March 2020
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Prayer Partner Prayer Requests for March 2020

Pastoral Ministry – Paul Thompson

We are praying for some resolution to Mark’s situation here. We still lack a comprehensive plan for his care since he does not have a primary physician but is under the direction of a hospitalist and infectious control. 

Many of the staff do not seem to understand his profound needs and the challenges in giving him treatments. The more alert he becomes, the more agitated he also becomes at the IVs, catheter, nasal cannula, etc. 

We are praying for his lungs to clear, the infections to respond to the heavy antibiotics, and for him to regain strength.

He is still very sick from the flu/staph/sepsis. 

Pray also that his hospitalization will not be as long as they are projecting. He’s not a great patient. 

Also, pray for rest for Cecilia and me. Cecilia also has a bad infection on her hand from a scratch from Mark. She’s on topical and oral antibiotics. 


Music/Worship Ministry – Matthew Dorsey

Psalm 90:12–14 (ESV) 
12  So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. 13  Return, O LORD! How long? 
Have pity on your servants! 14  Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.  

Please join me in praying for our church family:

God would press into our hearts, thoughts and plans the brevity of life so that we would not procrastinate in obedience and service.  Pray that we would redeem the time for the glory of God.

God would so inform and direct our thoughts and worldview with His truth that our actions and practice would bear great eternal fruit.  We would want and seek wisdom over any earthly power or wealth.      

We would set our hope in the grace to be brought to us at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

That our greatest joy and satisfaction would be in God alone.  That we would rise seeking Him and go to bed praising Him.  That we would be characterized as a people full of joy and gladness, rejoicing in Jesus first and most!

Please pray for the kids; that the boys will finish their first year of college strong and be able to obtain good internships for the summer, that Anna will have direction in college plans for next year. Pray that Alyssa and I will have wisdom to love and lead the children well in this season.  


Executive Pastor – Charles Uptain

Please pray for our mission trips this month, India and Guatemala. Pray God protects the teams, provides opportunities to share the Gospel, and uses the teams’ efforts to expand His kingdom.

Please pray for Steve and Toni Chambers as they spend two weeks in March traveling around the south to supporting churches to share the vision of Grace City Church in Manhattan. Pray God will bring new supporters and increase the giving of current sponsors to help them continue to grow in Manhattan.


Discipleship Pastor – Dan Tankersley

Please pray for:

Our study of the gospel of Mark to be fruitful. 

God to make His presence known among us as we gather together. Pray He will bring conviction of sin and a desire for holiness and obedience. 

Life Group Leaders as they labor to present their members mature in Christ (Col. 1:28)

Life-on-Life discipleship at Calvary. Pray specifically for D-Groups that have begun and are beginning.

Calvary members. Pray John 15:8 for the people of Calvary…that as time goes on, more and more of us will produce much fruit and so prove to be disciples of Christ…to the glory of God.

Wisdom and discernment for Pastors and Elders as they lead Calvary.

The Women's Ministry as they aim to train up women who clearly understand and pass on Scriptures through both life and teaching.  

Our Who's Your One effort to continue to bear fruit.

New members of Calvary to effectively assimilate into our fellowship and discover their role in our body.
Thank you for praying! 

No one can do me a truer kindness in this world than to pray for me. -Spurgeon

Community Ministry – Tommy Perry

Calvary family, please be in prayer about the following:

Planning for upcoming Extreme Camp (associated with WIRED) this summer (June 22-26). That our plans would be God-honoring and Christ-exalting and beneficial to those kids involved. 

More individuals would commit to be on mission with our ministry partners in serving our community.

For Dothan Preparatory Academy, Girard Primary, and Girard Intermediate (teachers, leadership, students) and how we can be more impactful in those particular settings.

Preschool Ministry – Joyce Alexander

Preschool is growing!  It’s a result of your prayers and families being excited about their church and inviting people. Don’t stop.  Keep praying.

For Life Group—With the growth we are experiencing, we will need to open another class ASAP.  Please pray that we find two adults to volunteer.    

VIPs needed—More volunteers are needed to serve once per quarter or 4 times per year.  
Personal—I’m so thankful for my church family praying and taking care of our family while I recover from total knee replacement.  


Student Ministry – Reagan Farris

Pray for the kids as they are taking on more activities, that they will continue to thrive in school and in their faith.

Pray for me that I would have balance in all my responsibilities and be able to find times of rest. 

Pray for our students to begin sharing their faith more boldly in their relationships. Pray for their growth and for their protection. Pray for the strength of their parents’ marriages and spiritual health.