Cross Conference
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A livestream watch party for high school seniors, college students, and young adults. $40 per student. Food provided.



David Platt

John Piper

Trip Lee

Kevin DeYoung




Session 1 — Tuesday, Dec. 29
4:30 p.m. Welcome, Testimony, and Introduction
5 p.m. Main Talk: “Our Father in Heaven” Trip Lee
5:45 p.m. Panel Discussion
6:20 p.m. Global Update
6:25 p.m. Prayer
6:35 p.m. Main Talk: “Hallowed Be Your Name” John Piper
7:20 p.m. Panel Discussion
7:50 p.m. Reflection and Discussion

Session 2 — Wednesday, Dec. 30
11:30 a.m. - Lunch
12 p.m. Welcome and Testimony
12:15 p.m. Main Talk: “Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done” Kevin DeYoung
12:55 p.m. Prayer
1:20 p.m. Global Update
1:30 p.m. Main Talk: “Forgive Us Our Debts” Wayne Chen
2:15 p.m. Live Q&A
2:45 p.m. Reflection and Discussion

Session 3 — Wednesday, Dec. 30
5:00 p.m. Dinner
5:30 p.m. Welcome and Testimony
5:45 p.m. Global Update
6 p.m. Panel Discussion
6:30 p.m. Prayer
6:45 p.m. Main Talk: “Lead Us Not Into Temptation” David Platt
7:30 p.m. Charge and Prayer
8 p.m. Reflection and Discussion

Pre-conference Reading

If I Were 22 Again” by John Piper

Ask God for the World” by David Platt

Open Arms to the Muslim World (The Story of Samuel Zwemer)” by John Piper

The Goal of Missions and the Work of Missionaries” by Kevin DeYoung

God Always Wanted the Whole World” by Jason DeRouchie (more advanced)