Date Author Title                
Podcast... 12/31/2017 Paul Thompson The Favor of the Lord  
Podcast... 12/17/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 16 - Final Thoughts For A Gospel Centered Church  
Podcast... 12/10/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 15:14-30 - The Heart of an Everyday Missionary  
Podcast... 12/06/2017 Paul Thompson ODoctrine Matters - The New Heaven and the New Earth:ur Final Destiny    
Podcast... 12/03/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 15:1-12 - Life Together (In the Body of Christ)    
Podcast... 11/29/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters - The Final Judgement and Eternal Punishment    
Podcast... 11/26/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 14:13-23 - Better than Right  
Podcast... 11/19/2017 Matthew Dorsey How To Disagree    
Podcast... 11/15/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 13:8 - The Kind of Christian My Neighbor Needs      
Podcast... 11/12/2017 Paul Thompson Orphan Sunday      
Podcast... 11/08/2017 Dan Tankersley Doctrine Matters - The Millennium    
Podcast... 11/05/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 13:1-7 - The Kind of Christian My Country Needs  
Podcast... 11/01/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters - The Return of Christ: Our Certain Hope    
Podcast... 10/29/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 12:14, 16-21 - Don't Let Evil Win!  
Podcast... 10/25/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters - Spiritual Gifts, Part Two    
Podcast... 10/22/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 12:13, 15 - Giving Ourselves Away  
Podcast... 10/18/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters - Spiritual Gifts, An Introduction    
Podcast... 10/15/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 12:11-12 - The Cure For Burnout  
Podcast... 10/11/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters - Lord's Supper: Declaring the Gospel in Communion    
Podcast... 10/08/2017 Dan Tankersley Romans 12:9-10 - Love From the Center  
Podcast... 10/04/2017 Lance Beasley Doctrine Matters: Baptism    
Podcast... 10/01/2017 Charles Uptain Romans 12:3-8 - Use What God Gives  
Podcast... 09/27/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters      
Podcast... 09/24/2017 Paul Thompson God, Change My Mind  
Podcast... 09/20/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters - Death and Glorification: Our Complete and Final Redemption    
Podcast... 09/17/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 12 - A Bigger Worship  
Paul Thompson Discipleship Dinner Message      
Podcast... 09/13/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters: Perseverance of the Saints    
Podcast... 09/10/2017 Paul Thompson Shepherd My People: A Biblical Case for Elders  
Paul Thompson Discussion and Q & A on Elders      
Podcast... 09/06/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters - Sanctification: Taking On The Character Of Christ    
Podcast... 09/03/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 11:25-36 - The Church, The Gospel and Israel  
Podcast... 08/27/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 11 - He's Not Finished Yet  
Podcast... 08/23/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters: Converstion - Repentance and Faith    
Podcast... 08/20/2017 Steve Chambers Romans 10:14-21 - Getting the Gospel Out  
Podcast... 08/16/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters: The Gospel Call    
Podcast... 08/13/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 10:1-13 - Man's Responsibility in Salvation, Pt. 1  
Podcast... 08/09/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters - Election: God's Glory in Our Salvation    
Podcast... 08/06/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 9: God's Sovereignty in Salvation  
Podcast... 08/02/2017 Paul Thompson Echoes of the Reformation: Glory to God Alone    
Podcast... 07/30/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 8:28-39 - God Is For Me  
Podcast... 07/26/2017 Dan Tankersley Echoes of the Reformation: Christ Alone    
Podcast... 07/23/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 8:18-27 - The Hope of a Child  
Podcast... 07/19/2017 Dan Tankersley Echoes of the Reformation: Faith Alone    
Podcast... 07/16/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 8:14-17 - I Call Him Father  
Podcast... 07/12/2017 Dan Tankersley Echoes of the Reformation: Grace Alone    
Podcast... 07/09/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 8:1-11 - This is How I Know  
Podcast... 07/02/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 7 - Grace, Law, and Sanctification  
Podcast... 06/25/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 7:7-13 - The War Within  
Podcast... 06/21/2017 Charles Uptain Echoes of the Reformation: The Authority of Scripture    
Podcast... 06/18/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 7:1-6 - Free To, Not Free From  
Podcast... 06/14/2017 Paul Thompson Echoes of the Reformation: Why the Reformation Matters    
Podcast... 06/11/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 6:15-23 - This Is Freedom  
Podcast... 06/04/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 6:5-14 - God's Grace and a Changed Life  
Podcast... 05/31/2017 Charles Arney Doctrine Matters: Resurrection and Ascension      
Podcast... 05/28/2017 Woody Farrington Church for a Lifetime    
Podcast... 05/21/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 5:20-21; 6:1-4 - Grace - Greater than My Sin  
Podcast... 05/17/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters: The Person of Christ    
Podcast... 05/14/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 5:12-19 - One Trespass, One Gift  
Podcast... 05/10/2017 Dan Tankersley Doctrine Matters: Prayer in Light of Providence    
Podcast... 05/07/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 5:6-11 - Reconciliation: From Wrath to Joy!  
Podcast... 05/03/2017 Paul Thompson Bible Doctrine: God's Providence    
Podcast... 04/30/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 5:1-5 - Justification's Good Gifts    
Podcast... 04/26/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters: Anthropology - Part 2    
Podcast... 04/23/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 4:1-5 - Still the Same Gospel  
Podcast... 04/19/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters: Anthropology  
Podcast... 04/16/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 3:21-31: The 2 Best Words You'll Ever Hear  
Podcast... 04/12/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters: Atonement    
Podcast... 04/09/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 3:9-20 - The Default Mode of Man  
Podcast... 04/02/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 3:1-8 - God is Faithful and Just  
Podcast... 03/29/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters - Angels, Satan and Demons    
Podcast... 03/26/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 2:17-24 - Deep Changes  
Podcast... 03/22/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters - Creation: Why It Absolutely Matters    
Podcast... 03/19/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 2:12-24 - Condemned by My Heart  
Podcast... 03/12/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 2:1-11 - Is God Fair?  
Podcast... 03/08/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters - The Character of God: Communicable Attributes    
Podcast... 03/05/2017 Steve Chambers Romans 2:1 - The Exchange  
Podcast... 03/01/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters - The Character of God: Incommunicable Attributes    
Podcast... 02/26/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 1:26-27 - A Biblical Response to the Sexual Revolution  
Podcast... 02/22/2017 Dan Tankersley Doctrine Matters: Essential Truths of the Christian Faith    
Podcast... 02/19/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 1:18-23 - The Man on the Island  
Podcast... 02/15/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters: The Bible - Authority and Inerrancy    
Podcast... 02/12/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 1:8-15 - Made Bold by the Gospel  
Podcast... 02/08/2017 Paul Thompson Untethered: It Ain't Nothing Till He Calls It    
Podcast... 02/05/2017 Paul Thompson Romans 1:1-7 - My Identity in Christ  
Podcast... 02/01/2017 Paul Thompson Untethered: Because God Said So    
Podcast... 01/29/2017 Paul Thompson Replanted: Share Our Savior    
Podcast... 01/25/2017 Paul Thompson Untethered: Real Faith Has Fruit    
Podcast... 01/22/2017 Paul Thompson Dr. Danny Akin - God's Guidelines For Growing Godly Children    
Podcast... 01/18/2017 Paul Thompson Untethered: The Conscience is the Key    
Podcast... 01/15/2017 Paul Thompson Replanted: Love Our City  
Podcast... 01/11/2017 Paul Thompson Untethered: Broken Thinking    
Podcast... 01/08/2017 Paul Thompson Replanted: Recapture Our Mission  
Podcast... 01/04/2017 Paul Thompson Untethered: Sin Makes You Stupid    
Podcast... 01/01/2017 Paul Thompson Light and Life: Jesus in the Gospel of John - Do You Love Me?