Calvary Life on Life

At Calvary, Life on Life means interpersonal relationships centered on the Word of God and prayer to teach and model the Christian life.

"Life on Life" relationships include the following:

  1. Peer-to-Peer relationship - This is an "iron sharpening iron" approach and would entail two or three people around the same level of spiritual maturity.
  2. Parent-Child relationship - This involves parent taking time to intentionally invest in their child/children's spiritual growth.
  3. Mentoring relationship - This involves a mature believer mentoring a less mature believer or recent convert.
  4. Unchurched relationship - This is for the person who has an unchurched/unbelieving friend or family member he or she wants to reach with the gospel.



Interested in joining a Life on Life group?

Contact Angie Tice or Dan Tankersly using the links below to find out more!