Calvary Life - Adoption / Foster Care Ministry

"Adoption is the highest privilege that the Gospel affords." – J.I. Packer

We desire Calvary to be a place where orphans are cared for in the greatest ways possible. We encourage our family of faith to be actively involved in any way personally possible when it comes to orphan care. Some can adopt and/or foster, others can help and support those who do, lightening the load and helping carry their burdens. We have called for Calvary to act in following ministry initiatives:

  1. Pray for those who are considering adoption or foster care or those that already have.
    - God’s will, grace, discernment, focus, patience, strength, wisdom, etc.
  2. Organize practical/logistical support for those in or who have completed the process.
    - Meals, rides, relief care, materiel needs, etc.
  3. Mentor families that have embarked on the journeys of foster care and /or adoption.
    - Guidance, counseling, prayer, support, liaison, etc.