Prayer Partner Prayer Requests for December 2018

Pastoral Ministry – Paul Thompson

I’m preparing messages right now for one of the most important series I’ve ever done: SACRED. This is a 6-week series on God’s design and purpose in marriage. With so many marriages in crisis and so many others in various states of challenge, this couldn’t be more timely or necessary.  Please pray for me as I develop the 6 Sunday morning messages and also the accompanying small group lessons. Pray that we won’t only learn, but that we will be transformed through the teaching and obeying of the Word. Pray that marriages will be saved, healed, and revitalized – for God’s glory and our good. 

Please also pray for Alex as he is so far from home and family over the holidays. Pray that our visit with him will be encouraging and beneficial and that he can find a church family in the Czech Republic. 

Please also pray for Daniel as he graduates this month from Auburn and that God would lead him and provide for him a good and meaningful job going forward. Please also pray for him and Hannah as they make final preparations for their wedding in March.

As always, thank you for caring enough to pray!


Executive Pastor – Charles Uptain

My family is very thankful for how you pray for us throughout the year. Please continue to lift up John Adams as he decides on college for next year.

Here at the church, please pray for our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Pray we once again exceed our goal to support missionaries around the world.

Pray for the stewardship of God’s resources here at Calvary. Pray the church family gives cheerfully so that the ministries can be funded at 100%.

Pray for our Catering Hope challenge. We want our families to be intentional with the Gospel with a neighbor or friend over a meal this Christmas.


Worship Ministry – Matthew Dorsey

Please pray for this Sunday’s AM service and the PM Calvary Christmas service.  Join me in praying that the Lord would reveal himself in great power through the Word preached and sung.  That our lives would be sanctified and that God would be glorified.  Pray that our congregation would prepare for worship by being rested and by fasting from worldly pleasures.

Also please continue to pray that our house in North Carolina would sell.   Pray our family would be able to rest up during December from a busy year.   Thanks for praying.  


Discipleship Ministry – Dan Tankersley

Pray like this:

9 “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.
10 Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
11 Give us this day our daily bread,
12 and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.
13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. (Mt. 6:9-13)

Thank you for praying! Please continue to pray specifically for:

- Life Groups

- Life Group Leaders

- Calvary members to hunger for God and righteous living

- Calvary members to desire purity and holiness

- Calvary members to be transformed into the image of Christ

- church unity and power in fulfilling the Great Commission

- dedicated focus on Jesus throughout the holiday season

- Calvary leadership...wisdom, discernment, joy, passion, power, perseverance...


Community Ministry – Greg Pendergrass

Camp Rock - pray for the mentors and volunteers as they navigate through many difficult situations with the kids.  And pray that the gospel is accepted, and lives changed through the Camp ROCK program.

Community Ministries - Continue to pray for our Community Ministry programs and volunteers.  So thankful for the many volunteers that are sharing the gospel and having a huge impact on so many lives.

GMS tutors, teachers, staff -  pray for a hedge of protection over them so they can do their job educating these kids and have opportunities to show and share the love of Jesus Christ.


Preschool Ministry – Joyce Alexander

I love the Christmas season!  It’s time to reflect on the year leading up to December and to look forward to the coming year.  I’m so excited about how the Lord is going to use Calvary (the people) to do His work in this community and beyond.  These are exciting days!  I’m honored to serve with you here at Calvary! 

For Life Group—I’m thankful for the number of young families who have been attending.  Our attendance ranges between 70-100 per week.  We are in need of two adults to work with our Kindergarten class.  Please pray that we can fill that position soon.

VIPs needed— I’m thankful for the faithful volunteers who serve in this ministry.  Parents serve in this position once per quarter or 4 times per year.  There are many who still serve who no longer have children in the preschool age group or even grandchildren.  We are blessed with those who are able and available.  Please pray that we could recruit more to serve in this capacity. 

Personal Request—God has been so good to the Alexander family this year. Even while recuperating from a major knee surgery, I’ve been able to serve in our community in various ways and for that I am extremely thankful.  Please pray that as we begin a new year that our health would still be good so that we can serve in the church and community in the way we feel we’ve been called. 


Children’s Ministry – Zach Daniels

Myself, Hannah, and Lucy Claire are doing well and are enjoying our new home. Thank you for your prayers that helped get us here in Dothan. Please pray for us all during this season as life gets overwhelmingly busy! Specifically pray that we can be examples to our families this season and that we can have gospel conversations with those who are lost among our families and in our neighborhood.

My mom seems to be getting better, but it comes and goes in waves. Please continue to pray for her, my father, and brother as they continue to battle with her having depression and hormonal imbalances. Specifically pray that they would get plugged into a church and that they might break this cycle of not being apart of a faith family.

The Calvary Kids ministry is going strong as we approach the end of the year! Please pray we end the year well.

Our Calvary Kids Team makes a significant impact in the lives of our kids week after week. Please pray for our team to lift us up as we make disciples among our children. Also, consider praying that you might want to make a significant impact in the lives of our boys and girls and join our team. Reach out to me if you think that God is leading you to do this. 


Senior Adult Ministry – Randy Hunt

Thank you for your prayers for my family and me. You have been a very welcoming church. Please pray for Sandra and me as we settle in here in this ministry. Pray that I would be able to get to know our senior adults and be a help to them in their journey toward the kingdom.