Be Missional This Halloween!

Halloween seems to be the one holiday in American Christianity that we just don’t know what to do with.  As you disciple your children about Halloween a great article to refer to is located at:


Regardless of what you think of the holiday, the culture Jesus sent us to reach is going to celebrate. This gives us all a wide open door for missionary engagement in our neighborhoods. We want to encourage you not to miss out on this opportunity!


Here’s a suggestion: Skip the alternatives and embrace Halloween for what it is- A night when hundreds of families wander around your neighborhood, enjoying one another, and giving candy to children.


Think strategically: For those who are anti-Halloween we have a challenge: Embrace Halloween as an opportunity to bring the good news to your neighborhood. One night a year one hundred families want to come to your door and say hello. Are you going to greet them, or are you going to turn off your light and pretend they don’t exist? Don’t be “that guy” on your block.