Calvary Family,


What a whirlwind it has been over the past few months, and especially these last few weeks, as we have seen God take a whisper in our hearts and turn it into reality here in NYC.   As I watch Max head out to catch the subway across town to Queens or Ruby walk down the street and into her new elementary school a couple blocks from our apartment here in Manhattan, I’m amazed at God’s faithfulness and His provision.


Some updates...Ruby is in 5th grade at the neighborhood elementary public school PS 166.  It’s a great school and has given us an opportunity to meet families on the Upper West Side.  We went to the PTA meeting the other night and Toni is on the fall festival planning committee!!!  Max is in 11th grade at Evangel Christian School in Queens.  He takes the Subway each day about 1-1/2 hours one way.  He likes it (only gotten lost a couple times).  He has been talking to a new friend who claims to be an atheist but has been willing to talk about God and science with Max.  It’s awesome to see him engaging with the Gospel.  He continues to live out his faith in front of his classmates and friends.  Both Toni and I have gotten the opportunity to have some interesting conversations with people about spiritual things and the Gospel.  We are seeking to build trust in this community and share the hope of Christ.


I’ve been working with New City Church in Long Island City as a part of my internship.  I’ve already learned a lot from the staff and I am sure at times they wish I didn’t ask so many questions. I am excited to learn the ins-and-outs of ministering in the city.


It has been an exhausting and challenging transition full of uncertainty, impossibility and difficulty….God has us right where He wants us…on our knees.  We are just beginning, but in the midst of all of this is a calm assurance of the promise of God’s presence.  He has gone before us and is leading us.  And praise God YOU have been an instrument of provision, encouragement, prayer and confidence that God has used for our family.  Having such a supportive and invested church family is such an encouragement to us.


So much to share.  Follow us on our blog  I have already posted several articles that you can read with photos.  I am trying to be faithful to update it every couple weeks.  Can’t wait to see you all on October 8th.


Steve & the Fam