Click here for The Third Circle Prayer Guide.


Third Circle Timetable
OCTOBER: PRAY (a prayer calendar will be provided)
NOVEMBER: PROMISE (make a formal commitment to participate in the Third Circle)
DECEMBER: PREPARE (resource materials will be provided)
JANUARY: Life on Life Banquet (launch of Third Circle for all participants)

The Third Circle emphasis is essentially a focus on the “Life-on-Life” circle of Calvary’s Discipleship Strategy

Through The Third Circle emphasis, the Calvary staff has an ambitious goal of seeing 500 people commit to life-on-life discipleship! We believe, by God’s grace and by His design, that this discipleship focus will impact God’s Kingdom as it enhances Calvary’s spiritual growth, internal health, outward focus, and equipping of the saints for the ministry of the gospel. 

Remember, discipleship is not a program or an event; it’s a way of life that Jesus modeled and commanded of his followers. The Third Circle is not a new program or event; rather, this emphasis is an attempt to put Calvary’s existing strategy for life-on-life discipleship into practice.  

What will The Third Circle emphasis require of participants? Beginning in January, participants will be committing to one year of life-on-life discipleship in one of these four categories:

1. Peer-to-Peer relationship - This is an “iron sharpening iron” approach and would entail two or three people (around the same level of spiritual maturity) committing to work through *Discipleship Essentials together. 

2.  Parent-Child relationship - This category entails parents taking time to intentionally invest into their child/children’s spiritual growth by working through the Jesus Storybook Bible, Disciples Path for Teenagers, or Discipleship Essentials depending on the age and spiritual maturity of the child. 

3.  Mentoring relationship - This category involves a mature believer mentoring a less mature believer or recent convert. The curriculum used in this area will be Disciples Path or Discipleship Essentials. 

4.  Unchurched relationship - This category is for the person who has an unchurched/unbelieving friend or family member he or she wants to reach with the gospel. The book provided for this group will be More Than a Carpenter by Josh and Sean McDowell. This      book is meant to be read by the unchurched person and discussed with The Third Circle  participant.

*These resources are not magic…they are simply trusted tools to facilitate discipleship. 

Other Details
— Resources will be provided to all participants at no cost in December
— Third Circle large group gatherings will take place most 2nd Sunday nights in 2017
— Individual meetings will be determined by participants
— Each participant will have a “coach” to encourage, motivate and answer questions throughout the process  
— Calvary staff will help connect and facilitate discipling relationships if needed
— Calvary staff will continue to address questions about Third Circle as they arise