Life-On-Life means: Intentional relationships centered on the Word of God and prayer in the context of accountability where the Christ-life is explained and modeled.

Relationships matter.

Here is some biblical proof:

Have you ever noticed all the “one another” passages in scripture? God expects us to develop relationships that honor Him. (Click Here for Scripture References)

Jesus’ method of disciple-making was not to convert a crowd of 5,000 although he cared for and taught the masses. His intentional method was to develop deeper relationships with his 12 disciples… and even deeper relationships with 3; James, John, and Simon Peter.

The early church leaders’ words point to a life-on-life method of disciple-making.

Ananias discipled Paul (Acts 9), Paul discipled Timothy (2 Timothy 2:1-2) and Titus (Titus 1:4), Priscilla and Aquilla discipled Apollos (Acts 18:26)

How Do I Start?

I want a Life-On-Life relationship.

I need a curriculum for my Life-On-Life Relationship