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Spiritual Life


Life Connection Groups - Acts 2:42-47

Goal: To provide a place for all people to establish a strong connection to God and His people

Purpose: Involve people in small group ministry by allowing them to use their gifts to strengthen others within their group.


Teaching Coordinator - Leading in Spiritual growth of class

1.Teaching class on a weekly basis-leading in spiritual growth through Bible study

2.Developing and training new teachers by involving them in teaching opportunities


Evangelism Coordinator - Organizing Outreach Teams for class

1.Oversee rolls to ensure all prospects are visited

2.Organize teams to go out each month on assigned Sunday or as needed

3.Contact & enlist prospects for “Connecting to Calvary Dinner” once a quarter

Assimilation Coordinator - Coordinating fellowship opportunities for class

1.Plan and oversee activities that will enhance relationships

2.Publicize with class and church (calendar) to increase visibility and participation

3.Organizing "connectors" (greeters) to welcome all class members

4.Assign and Oversee First Touch assignments (once month rotation max)

Ministry Coordinator - Keeping class members connected

1.Coordinating plan for contacting members on a regular basis & in time of need

2.Involving members in Mission endeavors

3.Keep attendance records each Sunday
4.Enlist Class members to attend “Connecting to Calvary Dinner” when needed

Spiritual Life Coordinator - Coordinating Prayer and personal growth Ministry for class

1.Develop plan to have ongoing prayer ministry involving members

2.Communicate with members and leadership about needs/request

3.Work with Ministry Coordinator in times of special needs


Goal: Efficient and Effective communication among leadership.
Purpose- Organize the class to be effective in using their spiritual gifts and involving people in ministry.
1.Responsible for communicating with the TEAMS members in their class concerning meetings and ministry implementation - Organize phone #'s and email to keep in touch
2.Communicate on a regular basis with the Connection Ministry Team to stay up to date and effective Constant communication will mean a clear vision
3.Work closely with Teaching Coordinator in enlisting new leadership as needed
Your goal is for Every area to have 2 leaders-this makes future classes easier to start
4.Meet consistently with T.E.A.M.S. members to improve ministry