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Podcast... 02/22/2017 Dan Tankersley Doctrine Matters: Essential Truths of the Christian Faith    
Podcast... 02/19/2017 Paul Thompson The Righteousness of God: The Man on the Island  
Podcast... 02/15/2017 Paul Thompson Doctrine Matters: The Bible - Authority and Inerrancy    
Podcast... 02/12/2017 Paul Thompson The Righteousness of God: Made Bold by the Gospel  
Podcast... 02/08/2017 Paul Thompson Untethered: It Ain't Nothing Till He Calls It    
Podcast... 02/05/2017 Paul Thompson The Righteousness of God: My Identity in Christ  
Podcast... 02/01/2017 Paul Thompson Untethered: Because God Said So    
Podcast... 01/29/2017 Paul Thompson Replanted: Share Our Savior    
Podcast... 01/25/2017 Paul Thompson Untethered: Real Faith Has Fruit    
Podcast... 01/22/2017 Paul Thompson Dr. Danny Akin - God's Guidelines For Growing Godly Children    
Podcast... 01/18/2017 Paul Thompson Untethered: The Conscience is the Key    
Podcast... 01/15/2017 Paul Thompson Replanted: Love Our City  
Podcast... 01/11/2017 Paul Thompson Untethered: Broken Thinking    
Podcast... 01/08/2017 Paul Thompson Replanted: Recapture Our Mission  
Podcast... 01/04/2017 Paul Thompson Untethered: Sin Makes You Stupid    
Podcast... 01/01/2017 Paul Thompson Light and Life: Jesus in the Gospel of John - Do You Love Me?  
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