Prayer Partner Prayer Requests for November 2018

Pastoral Ministry – Paul Thompson

Thank you for praying for my family and me. That’s a sure sign of love and support and it means a great deal to us.

Please pray for me as I prepare messages and write lessons for the congregation. Some of these passages (particularly in 1 Corinthians) are exceedingly challenging. Pray that I will have insight and wisdom and that God’s Spirit will guide me. Please pray also as I prepare a critically important series on marriage for the new year.

Please also pray for Cecilia and me as we have been dealing with ongoing back pain for some time.

Pray for Daniel as he gets closer to graduation in several weeks and marriage in a few months. Pray for God’s guidance regarding work and career.

Pray for Alex as he lives and plays basketball in the Czech Republic. We are praying for him to meet some believers there and to get connected to an evangelical church.

Please pray for Sarah to deal effectively with stress and anxiety and to continue to do well academically and spiritually.

Pray for Mark to be safe, well-cared for, and to be free of aggression and self-injury. 

May we all do Romans 12:12!


Executive Pastor – Charles Uptain

Please pray for our mission trip to Guatemala. We leave November 15th. We will be leading home visits, small group Bible studies, training church leaders, and leading worship services! Pray for safety and for God to use us to strengthen the local church and grow His kingdom.

Please continue to pray for Calvary’s finances. The finance committee will be proposing a 2019 budget this month. We want to be good stewards of God’s finances and continue to provide for the ministry needs as God directs.

Thank you also for praying for my family. We are in a very hectic time of life with our 4 kids growing up on us. They each have new things going on and we are striving to lead them to follow Christ and seek his will for their lives. Pray specifically for our high school senior, John Adams, as he will be choosing a college to attend before the end of the year.


Worship Ministry – Matthew Dorsey

Pray that I would be a faithful pastor, that I would love the Lord, love my family, and love our church family well; that I would know how to lead my areas of ministry with wisdom; and that the ministry of Calvary Baptist would be God glorifying and effective in building the kingdom.

Pray for our congregation that we would be holy and spotless, that we would have a great testimony in Dothan.

Pray that as a music ministry we would lead our congregation to sing to the Lord and worship His name and that our service times would be life changing and sanctifying for each of us.

Pray for direction and wisdom for Silas and Micah as we make a trip this weekend to check out colleges.

Pray for Alyssa as she begins school with Elijah, that he would learn and grow (and she would have endurance and patience :).  

Please continue to pray for our house to sell.


Discipleship Ministry – Dan Tankersley

Please continue to pray for Life Group leaders, church unity, and wisdom for leadership. Pray the members of Calvary will desire to be holy and will put forth the effort to pursue holiness so that we can be effective in the Great Commission. Pray God will continue to use Calvary to display and declare the gospel. Personally, please continue to pray for my schooling and Anna's pregnancy. Thank you for your continued prayer! 


Preschool Ministry – Joyce Alexander

Thanks so much for praying for us!

Life Group/VIP (worship care) – So thankful during this season for our many volunteers!  Ministering to growing Preschool families and responding to our prayers for our church family to increase has given us a new challenge for the need for more teachers.  Please pray for the potential volunteers and our leadership to meet one another and get plugged in. 

General Request – Please pray for our church families and volunteers that are affected by the flu virus and other illnesses. 

Personal Request – Thank you so much for your love and support of our family. October 16th was the 13th year of service here at Calvary.  What a blessing to serve this community! 


Student Ministry – Reagan Farris

Please pray for the promotion, preparation, and participation for Disciple Now weekend. Pray for the hearts of students participating to be receptive to the Word of God and lives to be changed.