Prayer Partner Prayer Requests for August 2018

Pastoral Ministry – Paul Thompson

Thank you all for your prayers for my family and me. Mark has moved into a new house at Glenwood that affords him a lot more personal space. This housing change is a real answer to prayer for us!  Please continue to pray for Mark as he adjusts to new workers and residents in the new house. Please also pray for Alex as he heads off to the Czech Republic on August 6 to begin playing basketball for a team there. Please pray for his safety, for good and decent friends, and that he would live wisely and make godly choices.  Please pray for me as I study to preach and teach. 1 Corinthians has been timely and helpful, but it is challenging (both in the hearing and the teaching!).  And please pray for God’s Spirit to move in our worship services, for our Life Groups to continue to grow healthier, and for more and more people to be involved in disciple-making relationships.


Executive Pastor – Charles Uptain

Please pray for our Family Ministry Banquet on August 12th at 6 pm. We hope this event will enhance the partnership of parents and church leaders in discipling the next generation.

Please pray for a leader for our India Mission Trip. We are scheduled to go back to India this fall and we need someone to lead this group.

Please pray for our upcoming mission trips to Guatemala, Argentina, and Vermont. Pray for God to show us what preparations need to be made for these trips.


Discipleship Ministry – Dan Tankersley

Pray that Calvary will possess a clear, true, and overwhelming vision of Jesus that drives us to live completely for the glory of God.

Pray that we will live up to the personal responsibility to make disciples.

Pray that we will be passionately engaged in our worship gatherings.

Pray that we will be generous with our personal finances.

Pray that we will daily seek the filling by the Holy Spirit.

Pray that we will cast off personal preferences about style and implement the ministries that meet the needs of our community.

Pray that we will numerically grow to show that more people are following Jesus.

Pray that we will pray with faith that God will deliver us from temptation, break chains of captivity, comfort hearts pained by the world, empower believers for holy living, and save sinners from judgment.

Pray for Life Group leaders, church health, unity, and vitality


Worship Pastor – Matthew Dorsey

We are starting choir back this coming Wednesday night, pray that God would bless our preparation to lead the church in worship. Pray that God would add to our numbers those who love him and love to lead His people in worship.  For our church family, pray that our corporate times of worship would continue to be characterized by God’s presence and power among us and that our adjustment to stay in one service will continue to encourage and build a great unity among our body.  For that unity to be around the person of Christ over and above personal desires that drive us to be church consumers rather than servants.

My family has continually struggled to be healthy since we have relocated to Dothan, please pray that we would experience a season of wellness.  The teenagers will be starting back to school this month, we are praying that they will have a great season of learning all while being a great witness for Christ.  We are still praying that our house in North Carolina will sell quickly.  

Thank you for praying for me and my family, means more than you know!


Preschool Ministry – Joyce Alexander

For Life Group—We are in immediate need of two adults to serve in the one-year old department and two adults to serve in a Kindergarten class.  We are so excited that Preschool is showing some growth in our younger classes.  With growth comes the challenges of adults to teach.   

VIPs needed—If you have been praying and asking how you can serve your church…let me recommend that you serve as a Volunteer in Preschool (VIP).  You typically serve just four times per year on Sunday during Worship.  Preschool parents do serve; however, we need more teachers due to growth in Preschool. 

Personal Request—I thank God for Calvary.  His congregation here has served me these last five weeks while I’ve been recovering from knee replacement.  Thank you for the calls, texts, visits, food, and most of all for your prayers.  You are a blessing to me!