Our church wide theme for 2018 is My Mission Field.


According to Pastor Tom Mercer, “God has given each of us, on average, anywhere from eight to fifteen people whom He has supernaturally and strategically placed in our relational worlds. The Greeks used one word to describe this personal world — oikos, or “extended household.” This is the world God wants to use each of us to change, our individual world!”


Imagine what would happen if we began to see that ‘relational world’ as a personal mission field and ourselves as ‘everyday missionaries’. These are the people we will pray for daily. We will intentionally invest ourselves in their lives. We will look for opportunities to serve them in love and share the eternal truth of the Gospel with them. And Lord willing, we will be instruments God uses to bring them to Himself.


Sound like a daunting challenge? Mark Twain somewhat famously said, “Anyone who has grabbed a bull by the tail knows five or six more things than someone who has not.”


Many of us may feel ill-equipped or under-prepared to be everyday missionaries. Perhaps it’s not the church culture we grew up with (“Come and see” philosophy prevailed, not “go and tell”). Perhaps we’ve never been technically “trained” to share the Gospel (We didn’t take FAITH or E.E.). Some folks are just naturally shy and introverted. Whatever the case may be of our experiences and whatever the cause may be of our hesitations, we will all find this to be true this year: Getting out there and doing mission accelerates our understanding of mission! So, we will offer practical training, challenge each other with biblical motivation, and prayerfully encourage and support one another this year to “grab the bull by the tail” as it were and just get out there and become everyday missionaries!


To get started, we will begin the year with a short series entitled, Joining Jesus: Life as an Everyday Missionary.


Greg Finke writes, “In a remarkably short amount of time, the U.S. has become one of the largest mission fields on the planet. The odds are very good that right now, wherever you live in the U.S., the people in your neighborhood and workplace are largely unconnected to a local congregation and may not be connected to Jesus at all. We are no longer a church who is servicing a community filled with a variety of Christians. We are now a church who finds itself needing to be on mission in a mission field.”


So, this year we pray and expect that God will continue to develop us as growing disciples and that He will increasingly deploy us as disciple-making everyday missionaries. Expect to be taught, challenged, and encouraged from the pulpit to view and live life this way. Expect to be prayed for, supported, and held accountable to this biblical norm as you gather in your Life Groups and meet for Life-on-Life discipleship. And expect God to honor both the message of the Gospel going out from us, but also the method of the spread of the Gospel we see in Scripture.


May God be glorified and lives forever changed this year! There’s never been a better time to be a disciple of Jesus!


With you for Him,





Pastor Paul