Dads and Moms,

This past Sunday we started on our second set of memory passages that will take us to the end of Fall. For NINE weeks, kids will have the opportunity to learn and internalize God's Word. Here is the list of passages that each grade will be be memorizing for this NINE weeks.

We have also made the Bible Memory images available for you to download and view. Please utilize this download by using it as a screen saver, background, and or printing the image out and hanging it where your child will regularly see it. You can find the images HERE.

Fall Family Fun Night / Date: November 3 / Time: 6-9 pm / Cost: $2 
Families of 1st-5th grade boys and girls are invited to Fall Family Fun Night hosted by the Carroll family. Join us for this social event where there will be hayrides, smores, a bonfire, and a BBQ dinner! Families must RSVP and pay by November 1. To sign up, please email Brooke Stickles at or call 334.792.5159. We will be taking up money on Sundays and Wednesdays leading up to the event inside the Children's Building. 

Family Worship / October 29 / Second Worship Hour
G-Force will not be held on October 29 during the second worship hour. We encourage families on this Sunday to gather together and worship as a family.

Local Disciple Making Opportunities
Did you know that there are over 50 kids who gather at our church each week and actually want to be there? These kids need leaders who are passionate about God, the Gospel, and the Great Commission. They need these leaders so that they can be just as passionate. Do you want to get in? Because you're invited to join the Calvary Kids team in order to make disciples among our 1-5 grade boys and girls. Contact Brooke Stickles, info below, in order to get the conversation started!

Mark Your Calendars

See you all Wednesday and/or Sunday!

Your Partner,
Zach Daniels

Calvary Kids Lead Team
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