Community Ministry Adopt a School Assistance
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Community Ministry Adopt a School Assistance

How Calvary can assist our adopted schools:

Girard Elementary: Principal, Mrs. Sanders

  1. Read to kindergarten or first grade students in a classroom setting.
  2. Facilitate a class of fourth or fifth grade students on a curriculum about character traits (material and lesson plans will be provided). Class will meet twice a month during the school year.

Montana Street Elementary: Principal, Mrs. Clark

  1. Assist media center by shelving books (weekly)
  2. Sit with a student as they take an A.R. test (weekly)
  3. Tutor a child during class time (1hr. once a week)
  4. Lunch Buddy: Sit and talk with a child during lunch (twice a month)
  5. Field trip assistance (Donate $10.00 to help cover a child’s field trip cost)

Girard Middle: Principal, Mr. Corbitt

  1. Graduation Matters; is a course that every student at Girard will take this school year. The mission is to ensure students that they are college and career ready.
  1. Objectives:

* Students will develop Character traits that are needed to be successful in a college or career setting.

* Students will increase a better understanding of how to become academically prepared for college and careers in the real-world

        B. Outcome:

* Students will be exposed to real-world, realistic college and career experiences that will motivate students to develop and visualize a pathway for graduation, college and career success.

  2. How can I help?

        A. Meet with a class of 20 – 25 students once a month at Girard Middle school (8:00am – 8:30am)

     B. Talk about your profession:

          *The educational training it took for you to obtain your job

          *What you do at your job

          *Type of skills that are required in doing your job

          *What are the quality and social traits required in your job?