Disciple Making Strategy
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Wednesday evenings are a great way to get connected at Calvary. We want to offer everyone a chance to recharge their spiritual battery in the middle of the week. We have something special for every member of your family. We begin with a family style fellowship meal at 5:15 PM. Then we have music and activities for preschoolers; a fun, action packed time of learning for children grades 1-5; middle school worship for grades 6-8; high school worship for grades 9-12; and the adults meet in the Sanctuary for Bible Study led by Pastor Paul.


Wednesday Nights
Midweek Fellowship Meal (Fellowship Center) 5:30 PM
Midweek @ Calvary for Adults 6:00 PM

Preschool Activities (Preschool Building)

Children activities (Recreation Center)

Student Worship (Student Building)

6:00 PM

6:00 PM

6:00 PM

Choir Rehearsal (Choir Room) 7:00 PM
Other Ministry Activities Varied Times