Prayer Partner Prayer Requests for June 2019
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Prayer Partner Prayer Requests for June 2019

Pastoral Ministry – Paul Thompson

Thank you so much for praying for my family and me!

Cecilia and I are super grateful to the church for allowing us to take this upcoming month-long sabbatical. I’ve been preaching most Sundays for 23 years now and could use a little mental, emotional, and spiritual re-charging. Please pray for us as we are gone that we’d both return rejuvenated and ready for what God has next for us and Calvary. Please pray also for safe travel and good health for us. We will be covering the footsteps of Paul and also just enjoying some down time while we are gone. Pray also for our excellent pastoral team as they preach in my place: Charles, Dan, Matthew, and Reagan will be preaching the Sundays I am gone.

Please remember Sarah also in your prayers. She received a scholarship from Dr. Pepper that allows her to study in Scotland this summer at the University of Glasgow. Please pray for her safety, ability to connect with Christian friends, and that she would be a witness while there.

Please pray for Alex who will be in the States a few more months before he heads back to Europe - somewhere. Pray that God would provide the right team and circumstances for him. Pray also that God would put him in a place where he can grow spiritually, find a church, and figure out what God wants him to do with his life going forward.

And pray for Mark. He’s had a rough go in transitioning to his new house and his new house team. While we are gone, Daniel will be visiting him and checking in on him for us. Pray for his protection. Though he is a very big young man, being non-verbal always makes him vulnerable. Pray also that as the school year ends, he’d adjust well to the change. He’s done great in the school at Glenwood and much less so in the houses he’s lived in. Soon, he’ll be transitioning to the adult day program. We are praying much that that transition goes smoothly.  Pray that Mark will be calm, peaceful, healthy, and happy.

Thanks so much!  We love you all.


Executive Pastor – Charles Uptain

Thank you for praying for my family as we celebrated John Adams’ graduation from high school. Continue to pray for him as he begins college life.

Pray for Melody and John Adams as they go on a mission trip to Alaska with Providence Christian School, June 2-9.

Pray for professions of faith through all of the June activities like VBS, Music Camp, Extreme Camp, and Wired.

Pray for Calvary members to sign up to go on our fall mission trips to NYC, India, and Guatemala.

Pray for me as I prepare to preach on Father’s Day, June 16. Pray my dad feels strong enough to come to the serve that day.


Worship Ministry – Matthew Dorsey

Praise the Lord with us, we were able to close on our NC house.

Please remember to pray for our Kids Music Camp, June 17-21 (workers and kids).

As always, remember our services each week that we will truly meet with the Lord, experience His power, hear and submit to His Word, and build one another up in the faith.

Please remember me, Silas, Micah, Reagan, Melody, John Adams, Lance, and Jackie as we travel to Alaska June 2nd-9th for the senior mission trip. Pray for the kids we will be ministering to in the city of Anchorage. 

Discipleship Ministry – Dan Tankersley

Please pray for the following to be pleasing to God and effective for His Kingdom:

- Vacation Bible School

- Life Groups

- Life Group curriculum development

- Life-on-Life discipleship

- Teaching/preaching at Calvary

- Women's Ministry

- Church membership renewal

- Pastor/Elder leadership

- Deacon selection

- The everyday life witness of Calvary members


Preschool Ministry – Joyce Alexander

Trusting God this month to provide for our needs in Preschool. He’s so good to us. We are having new families visit each month. Thank you for praying for us. It gives me such peace to know you are lifting us up.

For Life Group—The Lord is so good to us! We have all the teachers for Life Group at this time. 

VIPs needed—I counted 12 people who are currently serving as VIPs and they don’t have any preschool aged children.  We are so thankful for them.  Due to some personal issues and people who have moved out of the area, we have REAL need for more VIPs.  Almost all preschool parents serve as VIPs—the only exceptions are those who work on Sunday mornings in other areas of our church.  We ask for 10 people per week to volunteer.  That’s 30 people per quarter who serve and we also pay 10 employees to work each Sunday morning just to have a quality service for our families.  Please help me pray for more people to join us.  They only serve once per quarter or four times per year.


Kids Ministry – Zach Daniels

Please pray for all that the summer entails for the Calvary Kids Ministry. This includes our weekly ministry and all of our events! 

Please pray for leaders to step up to partner with us by serving on Sunday mornings, Wednesday Nights, or during one of our several camp opportunities.

Please pray for VBS, that it has a tremendous impact on our community and that all those involved grow closer to Jesus. 


Senior Adult Ministry – Randy Hunt

Please remember my mom, Evelyn Hunt. She is doing much better but has a long road ahead of her.

Pray for our ministry opportunities this summer.

We will have our senior adult VBS June 10-13 as we reach out and seek to make a difference in missions.

Also remember us as we lead VBS for the residents at Westside Terrace July 22-24.