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Please join with others from our church in attending a "Mighty Men of God" conference on Nov. 18-19.  The leader will be Dr. Paul David Freed.  We are seeking to establish a vibrant men's ministry and I believe that this conference will provide a jumpstart for us.  You can register at mightymenofgod.com.  ndaythe number is 866.444.8963.  THe cost is $35 before Nov. 14 and $40 afterwards.

I will help.

"I will help."  For those of you who responded on Sunday evening, October 16th in the evening service, you will be receiving correspondance from us about either helping someone or receiving help.  We had more saying they would help than requesting help.  So you may be contacted later as needs arise.  Thanks you for your response.

Sunday Night

For those of  you who expressed your appreciation to this staff during pastor appreciation month, we say thanks.  This past year has been taxing on our church.  We have worked together through some tough times.  Your expression of appreciation means a lot!  As I said Sunday evening, "I believe that our best days are in front of us."  If you aren't coming on Sunday evening, I would ask that you do start coming.  I do believe that God wants to help us all move forward.