Welcome Team Ministry
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Welcome Team Ministry

1. Welcome Areas - 2 areas are set up: Main Welcome Center (located in Fellowship Center Foyer) and The Preschool Building (located at the check-in desk area). 

2. Clipboard Information - The clipboards have “Welcome to Our Church” forms that are crucial for us to have completed. These forms are duplicates – both copies along with a Life Group reference sheet (with a map of the campus on back) goes with the individual/family to the Life Group (see below for further instructions).

How it works:
* Your Life Group will be on a rotation for the same Sunday each month, and you will receive an email reminder the week of service.
* Greet people with a smile.  Be watching for first time guests. 
* When you meet a guest, introduce yourself and begin to gather information –fill out completely the “Welcome to Our Church” form.  Make sure you get their Name, Address, Phone/Cell Number, Birthdates, etc.
      -Ask them if they have a class they prefer. You will have a Life Group reference sheet with all classes listed.
      -Take them to the class.  If you see a church member going to that class, introduce them and have the church member take them to class.  This is why it is important to have a total of 4 people helping at main the Welcome Center (Fellowship Center Foyer and 2 people helping in The Preschool Building).  That way there are people still at these locations to continuing greeting guests.  
* Make sure both copies of the “Welcome to Our Church” form are given to the person receiving the guest in Life Group.  The guest can keep the Life Group reference sheet. 
* Make sure you encourage the person you introduce them to take them from class to Worship, or to pick up their children, or to help them with directions to the parking lot.  Do everything you can to help them feel welcome. 

* Encourage your Life Group to enlist as many class members to help -  this way new leaders can be trained and more people can be  involved in ministering to our guests through this  ministry.

Thank you for serving in this ministry!