Deacons of the Week
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Deacons are assigned to assist with some additional responsibilities as deacon of the week. Click Here: deacons of the week to see who is serving with you. Your name will be listed in the newsletter for the weeks that you are assigned. The four deacons assigned each week should work together to accomplish these tasks, with the deacon listed first being responsible that the four have all the services and responsibilities covered for the week.

If you sing in the choir or have other duties which may conflict with these responsibilities, please work it out with another deacon. If you are unable to serve when you are scheduled, please find a substitute.

Responsibilities of the Deacons of the Week


  • Walk through your areas, and nearby restrooms. Ensure lights are on, and there are no issues. Fix any issues such as trash.
  • Two deacons at the ROC at 8:00 to greet everyone and assist Seniors
  • One deacon from Senior door moves to back portico at 8:15
  • Two deacons arrive at 8:15 and cover preschool and children’s doors
  • Continue until 8:45 unless deacon is responsible for teaching class
  • Be in positions assigned from 9:45 to 10:15

2—First Time Visitors

  • The Lead Deacon is responsible for collecting the first time visitor packets, welcome bags and M & M gift jars that will be placed on the counter in the foyer of the Fellowship Center. He will communicate how many visitors there are. Together, you may decide who will make each contact.
  • All visitors must be contacted in person on Sunday. If the guest is not home, you are to still leave the welcome bag and gift jar. If you choose not to, it is your responsibility to make another visit to the home as soon as possi
  • If contact is not made in person on Sunday, you must communicate with Angie Tice Monday. She may be reached by calling the Church office at 334-792-5159 or email


  • Be in your area and ready to serve by the start time.
  • Wear your nametag.
  • Greet everyone, and assist anyone in need.
  • Be aware of Persons of Interest.
  • If you will not be able to serve on your scheduled day, you must secure a replacement. Notify your Lead Deacon of who will be taking your place.


As a deacon, you’re not being asked to serve, you’re asking to serve.


Thanks for all you do!

John Searcy