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“Writing Christmas Cool”

Our movie endeavor is designed to reach out to the 16-29 year old crowd. We have broadened our scope with the music selected to reach out to the parents of this generation as well. It is our desire to help the 16-29 generation cope with life situations and hopefully foster the ability of the parents to communicate more effectively with their semi-adult children.

With excitement, sadness, humor, and, of course, Music, it is our hope that “Writing Christmas Cool” gives a lighthearted fun and musical look at what it means to be a Christian teenager in today’s world.

Now, we need you to partner with us. Would you please consider a financial gift in support of this endeavor? Just click on the PayPal link and you can be a financial partner as we seek to make an eternal impact. (This will be a gift given through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, simply enter your gift amount and fill out the credit/debit card information.) Thank you for your prayerful support!

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