Panama City Storm Damage Clean Up
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Hello Calvary Family,

We have another opportunity to help St. Andrews Baptist Church in Panama City with their continued storm damage response. We will be going on Friday, January 11 and Saturday, January 12. If you are interested in being a part of this work trip, call the church office to sign up. Below are a few details.

The trip is for men and women who are willing to work to clean out yards/houses damaged by the storms. Heavy lifting is obviously needed but much of the work is dragging limbs and smaller items to the street as well, so if someone wants to come but is limited for any reason there will still be a lot to do. Many of these people need others to talk to and pray with so if anyone feels very limited physically; there's still a lot to do that is valuable.

Tools such as chainsaws, polesaws, tractors, skid steers, UTV's (gator type vehicles that have winches or dumps) and safety gear such as gloves, helmets, etc… are needed.

Several people from Calvary will be going down a few days before to assess the worksites and make sure of what the specific needs are. We will leave early Friday, spend the night and work Saturday then return Saturday evening.  If getting off work on Friday isn't an option, joining the group late Friday night or Saturday morning and only working on Saturday is perfectly fine as all help at whatever level can be offered is greatly appreciated.

We will be sleeping in the recreation facility at the church. Showers and 2 meals will be provided, but we will pay $10 per person to reduce the burden on St. Andrews BC.

Thank you for continuing to respond to needs around us.