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The goal of Calvary Baptist Church Single Adult Ministry is to reach out to all singles in and around the Wiregrass area. Our desire is to provide a place where they can come and experience the love of Christ, honor Him through praise and worship, and to grow in their personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We want to offer Christian friendship with those who come from different life experiences as single adults.

Call 334-792-5159 for more information.


Sunday morning

Life Groups: 8:30 am

Located in the Recreation Outreach Center

Singles 3- Room G315

Singles 4- Room G312

Singles 5- Room G314


Single's Events

The Single's Minsitry is committed to providing Christ-centerd activites, fellowship, and outreach while serving the community. As a single in the world today, we want to work on strengthening your relationship with Christ and, if you have children, raising them in a godly evironment.


Single's Objectives

We are committed to sharing the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ with all Believers. Acts 1:8

We are committed to loving, protecting, and serving each other. John 15:9-14

We are committed to praying for God' guidance in all of our activites and circumstances in life. Romans 12:12

We are committed to missions and serving others. Matthew 25:35-36, 40