From Our Senior Pastor
By: Paul Thompson

“Everybody’s talking about it!”
You know the scenario – a new restaurant opens in town – maybe something different from the usual stuff – and before you know it, it’s packed. You wait 20 minutes for a table on a weeknight. You don’t even try on the weekends. And everywhere you go, somebody is asking, “Have you been to so-and-so yet?
There’s a ‘buzz’ about it; an excitement. And you’ll go or at least consider going simply because someone told you about it, was excited about it, or because people everywhere are talking about it.
What if our church was like that? What if our people (that’s you) were out there talking about how good God is, how you’re growing in Christ, how you’re developing discipling relationships that are changing your life, how your sons and daughters are being taught and demonstrated the Word, etc., etc.? What if there was a ‘buzz’? An excitement that could not be avoided? Don’t you think that would make a difference?
Let me give a spin-off analogy here: We live in a city full of “restaurants”. (Follow my line of thought – I’m not talking about food here). And in most people’s minds, those “restaurants” (churches, just in case I lost you) serve the same “stuff” with just a slightly different atmosphere or flavor. There’s little to no ‘buzz’, just ‘blah’. And honestly, why would there be any? The “regulars” who go there (that’s church members/attendees in my analogy) seem, by and large, not excited about where they go and what they experience when they’re there. And if they do talk about their preferred “restaurant”, it’s too often in negative terms (something they don’t like, something someone said or did, complaints about the ‘management’, or the schedule, or what’s changed, or whatever.)
And here’s the crazy irony: Those same people who show little to no excitement about the place they go, who rarely if ever talk it up positively among their friends and out in public, and who occasionally even run it down without caring who hears, still expect that people are going to just magically show up on their own and the place will be filled and they act disappointed when it’s not.
It doesn’t work like that. Not in restaurants and surely not in churches. Those folks don’t seem to understand that if ‘business’ (a poor analogy, but you get my point) is down, they play a huge role in that. After all, whose opinion do you care more about? The satisfied “customer’s” (again a terrible analogy) or the “paid professional’s”? The paid folks are expected to promote the deal. I want to hear from
You see where I’m going with this …
If we want to see our church grow and thrive and increase in influence for the Gospel and impact for the Kingdom in our city, we are going to have to be its best and most consistent advocates. We are going to have to be intentional about talking about what God is doing in our lives, how God is using our church, and how much we’d love others to experience it, too. The days are too critical, the opportunities too great, the time too short, and the Gospel too good for us not to be the best ambassadors for God and for our church that we can be.
So, let’s get out there and let our city know what an awesome God we serve, how amazing in His Word, how gospel-centered fellowship is real and sweet, how we are pushing back the darkness in our city through meaningful ministry and service, and how they can be a part of it!
Soli Deo Gloria,
Pastor Paul

For the Record for June
By: Amanda Trammell

For the Record
For June 2017
Average Attendance:
10:30 Worship 646
Life Groups 531
Mission Churches 134
Nursing Homes 79
Outreach Bible Study 12
Total Giving:
General Fund $179,138.03
Given Y-T-D $1,128,531.74
Y-T-D Required $1,306,500.00

July Sermon Schedule
By: Amanda Trammell

Sermon Schedule
Sunday, July 2
10:00 am
Grace, Law and Sanctification
Message by Paul Thompson
Wednesday, July 5
No Wednesday Night Activities
Sunday, July 9
10:00 am
This Is How I Know
Message by Paul Thompson
Wednesday, July 12
6:00 pm
Led by Dan Tankersley
Fellowship Center
Sunday, July 16
10:00 am
I Call Him Father
Message by Paul Thompson
Wednesday, July 19
6:00 pm
Led by Dan Tankersley
Fellowship Center
Sunday, July 23
10:00 am
The Hope of a Child
Message by Paul Thompson
Wednesday, July 26
6:00 pm
Led by Dan Tankersley
Fellowship Center
Sunday, July 30
10:00 am
God’s Got Me
Message by Paul Thompson

Return To Regular Sunday Schedule and Promotion Sunday
By: Amanda Trammell

Return to Regular Sunday Schedule and Promotion Sunday
We will return to our regular Sunday schedule on Sunday, August 6. There will be an 8:00 am worship service in the Sanctuary, 9:15 am Life Groups, and a 10:30 worship service in the Fellowship Center. Also, August 6 marks our promotion Sunday. Preschoolers through High Schoolers will promote up to their next grade class on this Sunday.

Midweek@Calvary Fall Kick Off
By: Amanda Trammell

Midweek@Calvary Fall Kick Off
Wednesday, August 9 marks the start of the Fall Midweek schedule. All ages groups will return to regular activities on Calvary’s campus. Midweek meal will resume at 5:30. Adult Bible study will begin the second half of Doctrine Matters at 6:00 pm in the Fellowship Center. Also at 6:00 pm Preschool will resume First Look in the Preschool Building, Children will move up to their next grade in small groups in the Children’s Building, and Students will be playing Knockerball in the field next to the parking lot across from the Student Building.

Preschool Ministry July News
By: Joyce Alexander

Preschool Ministry
Wednesday Night Activities: All Preschool activities will be from 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm in the Preschool Building unless otherwise stated. They are for preschoolers ages 3 years to Kindergarten. There is childcare available for babies through 2 year olds on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm in the Preschool Building.
July 5: No activities
July 12: Little Artists
July 19: Crash the ROC - meet us at the ROC
July 26: Prince and Princess Party
August 2: Back to School Bash
Fall Kick Off: We will resume regular Preschool Wednesday night activities to kick off the new school year.

Calvary Kids July News
By: Zach Daniels

Kids’ Ministry
No G-Force Kids’ Worship during the month of July. G-Force will return August 2.
Wednesday Night Activities: All Wednesday night activities start at 6:00 pm and end at 7:00 pm in the Recreation Outreach Center unless otherwise stated.
July 5: No activities
July 12: Water Olympics- swim wear and a towel will be needed.
July 19: Missions Night- Calvary Kids has partnered with the Columbia Baptist Association to collect school supplies for families in need. Kids can bring school supplies from now until July 16 as offerings. We will deliver the goods to the CBA on July 19 as a mission project for 4th-5th grade boys and girls.
July 26: Pool Noodle Madness
August 2: School’s Back Splash- swim wear and a towel will be needed.
Rockin' Jump Day Trip:On Friday, July 14 we are heading to Montgomery to Rockin’ Jump in-door trampoline park! The dead-line to sign up and pay is July 9. Don’t forget, July 9! If you want to sign up, please email Zach Daniels at In the email, please include parent’s name, child’s name, phone number, and written permission to ride with Calvary Kids. A paper sign-up is available in the Children’s Building as well. Cost of this trip is $30.
Fall Kick Off: Our kids’ kick off to the new school year will be Wednesday, August 9. Kids will move up to their next grade and meet their new small group teachers. Join us at 6 pm at the Children’s Building.

Student Ministry July News
By: Jeremy Allen

Student Ministry
Wednesday Night Activities: We will be heading off campus on Wednesday nights this summer! We will not be providing transportation unless specified. We invite you to meet us at the location provided. On swim nights girls need a one piece or wear a t-shirt.
July 5: No Activities
July 12: The Uptain’s House | 6-8 pm Wear your swimsuit for a fun night on a 28ft water slid/slip n slide combo. Food will be provided.
July 19: The Watson’s House | 6-8 pm Join us for swimming, fishing, Frisbee, and food! Bring someone with you!
July 26: Patricia Lanes | 6-8 pm Join us for a fun night of bowling. Cost is $10 per student.
August 2: The Reed’s | 6-8 pm Join us for a night of ultimate Frisbee, games and food! Bring someone with you!
Six Flags Trip: Students will enjoy the day at Six Flags Over Georgia on Wednesday, July 13! We will meet at Calvary at 8:00 am. Students will need to be picked up at Calvary at 10:00 pm. Cost is $35 plus spending money for 2 meals inside the park. Fill out a Calvary Students Event Envelope, place your $35 inside, and turn in before the July 2 deadline!
Back to School Bash: Join us for an extremely fun night of games using Knockerballs in the field next to the parking lot across from the Student Building! This will be our first Wednesday night to launch this fall. You do not want to miss this! Invite someone to come with you!

Senior Adult July News
By: Patty Farrington

Senior Adult News
July Mid Week Service is Wednesday, July 12 at 10:30 am in the Sanctuary. Barbecue lunch to follow.
OASIS (XYZ name change) Senior Adult Ministry Luncheon: OASIS, which stands for Older Adults Still In Service, will be August 31 in the Fellowship Center from 10:30-1:00. This luncheon is sponsored by Columbia Baptist Association. Guest musician is Frank Jones and guest speaker is Sid Nichols. Cost $7.00. Please sign up with Emily in church office.

July Staff On Call
By: Amanda Trammell

Staff On Call Schedule
July 1-2
Saturday-Woody Farrington
Sunday-Patty Farrington,
July 8-9
Saturday-Charles Uptain,
Sunday-Charles Uptain,
July 15-16
Saturday-Joyce Alexander,
Sunday- Steve Chambers,
July 22-29
Saturday-Dan Tankersley,
Sunday- Jeremy Allen,
July 29-30
Saturday-Joyce Alexander,
Sunday- Steve Chambers,

Calvary Welcomes to Our Family
By: Amanda Trammell

Calvary Welcomes to Our Family...
By Letter:
Dan and Linda Canalejo
Keith and Mary Kirkland,Children: Kaleb, Kathryn, and Kendall
By Baptism:
Robb Henry Fuller