SEND Luncheon
By: Amanda Trammell

SEND Luncheon
This fall Calvary is sending out the Chambers family to plant a brand new church in New York City. We hope that you will join us on Sunday, June 25, immediately following the morning service in the Fellowship Center for the SEND Luncheon. Steve will share his family’s call to be the “tip of the spear” in this church plant. We will hear Calvary’s vision in launching this work and in partnering with the North American Mission Board and the Chambers in NYC. This is unlike anything else Calvary has done and we want to address questions about what it will look like as well as share our responsibilities/opportunities as the sending church. Come hear what God is doing.

For the Record for May 2017
By: Amanda Trammell

For the Record
For May 2017
Average Attendance:
8:00 Worship 325
10:30 Worship 448
Life Groups 614
Mission Churches 137
Nursing Homes 82
Outreach Bible Study 7
Total Giving:
General Fund $128,796.19
Given Y-T-D $920,874.46
Y-T-D Required $1,055,250.00

June Sermon Schedule
By: Amanda Trammell

Sermon Schedule
Sunday, June 4
10:00 am
God’s Grace and a Changed Life
Message by Paul Thompson
Wednesday, June 7
VBS Week
No Wednesday Night Activities
Sunday, June 11
10:00 am
This Is Freedom
Message by Paul Thompson
Wednesday, June 14
Led by Dan Tankersley
Fellowship Center
Sunday, June 18
10:00 am
Free To, Not Free From
Message by Paul Thompson
Wednesday, June 21
6:00 pm
Led by Charles Uptain
Fellowship Center
Sunday, June 25
10:00 am
The War Within
Message by Paul Thompson
Wednesday, June 28
Wired Student Camp Week
No Wednesday Night Activities

From Our Senior Pastor
By: Paul Thompson

It has been five hundred years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, Germany. Luther’s theses called for the reform of the church and served as the catalyst for the Protestant Reformation.
How is the Reformation still relevant today? As political pressure mounts, morality drifts with today’s culture, and evangelicalism becomes more and more refined in a post-Christian world, it’s even more important to hold the convictions of the great Reformation closer than ever. We stand on the shoulders of Christians in the past, and knowing where we came from will help us keep moving forward with passion and biblical clarity.
Beginning on Wednesday, June 14, we will begin a summer study entitled Echoes of the Reformation: 5 Truths that Shape the Christian Life.
This Bible study examines the five core truths that came from the Reformation, now referred to as the solas. The solas include:
Sola Scriptura (by Scripture alone)
Sola gratia (by grace alone)
Sola fide (through faith alone)
Solus Christus (through Christ alone)
Soli Deo gloria (glory to God alone)
As you’ll see in this study, the solas are more than cold Latin terms that academics throw around in church-history books. The five solas, like the Reformation itself, are intensely practical. They were the DNA of the Reformation and are still the DNA of the church today. They are grounded in a real-life, everyday following of Jesus. They’re the most important, basic scriptural truths you can ever believe.
We hope you’ll join for Bible study this summer at 6:00 pm in the Fellowship Center.
(Note: Wednesday Fellowship Dinners will resume on Aug. 9th. Until then, feel free to bring food or snacks with you to Bible study).
Pastor Paul

Calvary Family Night at Water World
By: Amanda Trammell

Calvary Family Night
Don’t miss our annual Calvary Family Night at Water World! Meet us there at 6:00. Cost is $2 per person and covers entry into the park. Concession stand in the park will be open.

June Midweek@Calvary Schedule
By: Amanda Trammell

June Midweek@Calvary Schedule
There will be no Wednesday night activities on campus for the nights of June 7, because of VBS, or June 28,because Calvary is hosting community students for Wired Camp that week. Students will still meet off campus on June 7 at Adventureland.

Preschool's June Activities
By: Joyce Alexander

Preschool Ministry
Garden Party: Wednesday, June 14 at 6:00 pm in the Preschool Building
Picnic: Wednesday, June 21 at 6:00 pm in the Preschool Building
Pool Party: Wednesday, June 22 at the Blaxton’s House. Details TBA. A parent or guardian must stay with child.
Parent Child Dedication: We will have a Parent-Child Dedication Service Sunday, June 18. Please contact Joyce Alexander for more info and to sign your family up.

Student's June Activities
By: Jeremy Allen

Student Ministry
Wednesday Night Activities: We will be heading off campus on Wednesday nights this summer! We will not be providing transportation unless specified. We invite you to meet us at the location provided. On swim nights girls need a one piece or wear a t-shirt.June 7: Adventureland 6:00-8:00 pm. Students will need to bring $15. (Food and drink provided)June 14: The Colbert’s 6:00-8:00 pm. Join us at the Colbert’s farm and wear a swimsuit for a giantslip-n-slide.June 21: Omni Gap Lake 12:00-8:00 pm. Omni offers a blob, 100 foot water slide, high and low dive, swimming and paddle boarding. Eat lunch before you arrive! Transportation will be provided for this trip! We will meet at Calvary at 11:30 am and leave for the lake at 12:00 pm. Students will need to be picked up at 8:00 pm outside of the student building.Six Flags Trip: Students will enjoy the day at Six Flags Over Georgia on Wednesday, July 13! We will meet at Calvary at 8:00 am. Students will need to be picked up at Calvary at 10:00 pm. Cost is $35 plus spending money for 2 meals inside the park. Fill out a Calvary Students Event Envelope, place your $35 inside, and turn in before the July 2 deadline!

Community Ministry: Mission Dothan
By: Greg Pendergrass

Mission Dothan
Mission Dothan is a flag football camp and small group Bible study for children ages 7-12 of Dothan’s Westside Neighborhood. The dates are July 25-28. Mission Dothan needs people who are 16 years or older to volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering please call Greg at Calvary’s Recreation Outreach Center 334-836-2949 before July 6.

Senior Adult News
By: Patty Farrington

Senior Adult News
June: No Mid Week ServiceJuly Mid Week Service is Wednesday, July 12 at 10:30 am in the Sanctuary. Barbecue lunch to follow.Lunch with Patty at The Tarrer Inn Colquitt Georgia on Thursday, August 3. We will leave the church at 9:30 am. Please call Emily to sign up.

June Staff On Call Schedule
By: Amanda Trammell

Staff On Call Schedule
June 3-4
Saturday-Woody Farrington
Sunday-Patty Farrington,
June 10-11
Saturday-Charles Uptain,
Sunday-Charles Uptain,
June 17-18
Saturday-Joyce Alexander,
Sunday- Steve Chambers,
June 24-25
Saturday-Dan Tankersley,
Sunday- Jeremy Allen,

The Calvary Family Extend Our Deepest Sympathy...
By: Amanda Trammell

The Calvary Family Extends Our Deepest Sympathy...
Kenny Fondren- Death of Father
Family of Martin Walden

Calvary Welcomes to Our Family...
By: Amanda Trammell

Calvary Welcomes to Our Family...
Emma Merritt- By Baptism