From the Senior Pastor
By: Paul Thompson

Let’s commit ourselves to becoming the friendliest church in the Wiregrass!
Colossians 4:5 commands us: “Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity.”
Wisdom in our actions and intentionality in every opportunity – that is what God expects of us. How do we do that? Let me offer a few thoughts today that serve as good reminders to us all:
Consider yourself a missionary. God does! This community is our first mission field. There are many people who are on the outside, looking in to God’s family. And, that’s why we are here. Our purpose is to represent Jesus well – in words, actions, and service. Friendliness is just wise missionary work! You are not just a member of Calvary, consuming its various services and offerings. You are a missionary with us, conveying Jesus all over the Wiregrass. Being wise and intentional begins with being missional.Be a friendly church outside of ‘church’! You, me, and all who know Christ are the church! And opportunities for friendliness begin long before anyone shows up at a church service or event! We are 24/7 ambassadors for Christ through the ministry of our church – Calvary! Our enthusiasm for both should show up in our conversations and in the routines of our lives. So, talk about God and Calvary with people throughout the week! Let’s be known as a friendly church because we are friendly people out there.Invite people to worship services, your Life Group, and the Midweek Meal. This sounds so simple and is so redundant, but it remains true: People are far more likely to be visitors at Calvary if they are invited guests of people who love the Lord and His church. We will know we are growing healthier among ourselves and more obedient to Col. 4:5 when we are actively inviting people to be with us.Treat visitors as treasured guests! Most ‘outsiders’ today aren’t too concerned with what goes on inside a church building or in a church service and therefore they aren’t just dropping in too often. But when newcomers are here, we should recognize what a tremendous, God-given opportunity that is! Let them know how pleased we are to have them! And don’t wait on someone else to do it or expect that they will. Be on the lookout and be active. Smile. Seek people out. And don’t wait till “the welcome” to do it!Think how you’d like to be treated and treat guests that way. Part of being wise is seeing the guest experience through their eyes. Invite people to sit with you. Walk with people around the campus. Invite them to your Life Group. Explain the way things are done. Take them to lunch. Talk about the sermon. Answer their questions. Get a phone number or email and contact them during the week. Show people they matter to God and to us.Wisdom, after all, is knowledge rightly applied. Making the most of every opportunity is simply a decision to obey. Let’s take what we know and put it into purposeful action this week – and every week. Let’s ask God how we might better be the friendliest church in the Wiregrass!
See you Sunday,
Pastor Paul

Being an Acts 1:8 Church
By: Amanda Trammell

"Being an Acts 1:8 Church"
Sunday, September 14, 6 PM
Fellowship Center
Missions Fundraising Pancake Supper afterwards
Our 2nd Sunday Night Service on September 14 will be a Calvary Missions themed service. We will use Jesus' last words to his disciples to help us review our strategy for impacting others with the Gospel. We will hear from our very own missionaries around the world by video, unveil new opportunities to partner with congregations in Dothan and across the globe, and see how God wants to use us in the year to come.
Immediately following the service, we will raise money for missions scholarships through a pancake supper. Come join us for a great time of fellowship.

Calvary Day of Prayer
By: Charles Uptain

Calvary Day of Prayer
Join us for a Day of Prayer in the Sanctuary on Friday, September 5.
The Sanctuary will be open 6:00 am- 7:00 pm for guided prayer for our church and our community. Please join your hearts and prayers with us on this day.

For the Record
By: Amanda Trammell

For the Record
August 10-August 17
August 10
8:00 Worship 363
10:45 Worship 321
Life Groups 639
Mission Churches 312
Nursing Homes 93
Outreach Bible Study 12
August 17
8:00 Worship 353
10:45 Worship 381
Life Groups 675
Mission Churches 315
Nursing Homes 97
Outreach Bible Study 3
General Fund
Given August 10 $43,999.70
Given August 17 $52,842.31
Given Y-T-D $1,479,316.85
Y-T-D Required $1,668,086.64
Partners In Ministry
Given August 10 $3,110.00
Given August 17 $872.00
Tier I Goal$100,000.00
Tier II Goal$200,000.00
Tier III Goal$235,000.00
Given to Tier III$214,222.46
Corrie Collins by Baptism
Jeff and Krista Mills by Letter
Bernice Dunbar by Statement

Sermon Schedule
By: Amanda Trammell

Sermon Schedule
Sunday, August 24
8:00 and 10:45 am
Three Words That Can
Change Your Life
Message by Paul Thompson
Wednesday, August 27
6:00 pm
Midweek Bible Study
Led by Paul Thompson
Sunday, August 31
8:00 and 10:45 am
Three Words That Can
Change Your Life
Message by Paul Thompson
Wednesday, September 3
6:00 pm
Midweek Bible Study
Led by Paul Thompson

Vermont Mission Trip
By: Charles Uptain

Vermont Mission Trip
Contact: Charles Uptain,
Join Calvary as we take part in a short-term mission trip November 1 – 7, 2014 to Bennington, Vermont in support of Pastor Ed Wright and the Northeastern Baptist College. Activities will include: Construction/renovation of newly acquired college dorms, door to door evangelism, neighborhood block party, Bible study and instruction. Cost will be approximately $800 per person. Please contact the following people for more information: Team leader: Roger Simpler or 334-701-6668, Pastor Charles Uptain or 334-792-5159, or Eric Donop or 334-718-6505.

Preschool Life Group Needs
By: Joyce Alexander

Preschool Life Group Needs
Contact: Joyce Alexander,
God is answering our prayers to send new families to Calvary with Preschool aged children. It’s so exciting to see Him move among our community and our congregation! We are in need of two teachers in Preschool Life Groups. We need one teacher for every week in the new born class and one teacher in the one year old class at 9:30 a.m. If you can serve, please contact Joyce Alexander in the church office. If you can’t serve, please pray that the teacher God has called will answer the call.

September Ladies' Lunch
By: Amanda Trammell

September Ladies’ Lunch
Ladies, join us Thursday, September 4 at 12:00pm in the Fellowship Center for Ladies’ Lunch. You can purchase a lunch for $5.00 or bring your own. Our speaker will be Rashele Brooks. Join us for fellowship and fun! No childcare is provided.

Football Needs
By: Anne Register

Football Needs
Contact: Anne Register,
The Girard Middle School Football team needs our help! We will be collecting new or used cleats in sizes 7 and up, white practice socks, and mouthpieces. Please bring all donations to the Recreation Outreach Center.

Tuesday Women's Bible Study
By: Amanda Trammell

Women’s Bible Study
We will be studying Children of the Day: 1&2 Thessalonians by Beth Moore. The study will be available at two different times: Tuesday mornings beginning August 19 at 9:00 am in Room R306 and Tuesday evenings beginning August 26 at 6:00 pm in Room R306. Childcare available Tuesday mornings by reservation only.

Secret Keeper Girl-Crazy Hair Tour!
By: Amanda Trammell

Join us September 25 for the Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour!
This event is for moms and daughter ages 8-12!The two and a half hour event features a fun fashion show that demonstrates modesty, incredible balloon sculptures, bouncing beach ball competitions, mother/daughter conversation time & colorful confetti cannons and comes with a crazy proposal to get crazy.
“It’s normal for a girl to be boy-crazy and be obsessed with fashion and beauty, but those crowd-pleasing choices have risks, so let’s get crazy! The Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour helps moms cultivate God-crazy Daughters, who embrace inner beauty, biblical modesty, and vibrant purity,” reads a poster for the new event.
Doors open at 6:00 pm
General Admission is $18. Tickets are available in Calvary's church office.
Sponsored by 94.3 the JoyFM!

Staff on Call
By: Amanda Trammell

Staff On Call Schedule
Saturday, August 23
Jeremy Allen, 334-648-6695
Sunday, August 24
Michael Brooks, 731-803-9111
Saturday, August 30
Steve Chambers, 772-215-3606
Sunday, August 31
Ron Bruce, 334-701-1817

By: Amanda Trammell

The Calvary family extends our deepest sympathy to...
Roger Burchett- Death of Mother
Lisa Etheredge- Death of Grandmother
Navelle Johnson- Death of Sister
The Family of Mary Hutto
Melanie Donop- Death of Grandfather
Rocky May- Death of Father
Bob Wiley- Death of Father
The flowers in the Sanctuary Sunday, August 17 were placed by the Davis family in honor of their daughter Brooke Davis’ wedding.
Deacons of the Week
August 24 Stacey Harrison, Eric Donop, Woody Farrington, Phillip McCoy
August 31 Andy Franklin, David Hope, Bill Smith, Rodney Myers
Welcome Team
Serving August 24 from 9:20-9:40 am
Welcome Center- Azar/Bourland-Knight
Preschool- Searcy
Serving August 31 from 9:20-9:40 am
Welcome Center- Suddarth/Hardy-Latta-Wood
Volunteers in Preschool
VIPS Sunday, August 24
8:00 Kevin and Laura Watford
10:45 Terri Griffin and Brenda Roberts
VIPS Sunday, August 31
8:00 Paid Workers
10:45 Peggy Mills and Lisa Bradburn
Birth Announcement
Asher Ryan McClarty born to Phillip and Erin McClarty August 15