The Newsletter is Ready
By: Amanda Trammell

Calvary's monthly newsletter is ready and can be viewed at
Once you have opened the link, click on the word “bulletin” to view a .pdf of this month’s newsletter.
If you have difficulty viewing the newsletter, be sure to upload the most current version of Adobe Reader at

Prayer Partner Prayer Requests for January 2018
By: Caren Coleson

Prayer Partner Prayer Requests for January 2018
Pastoral Ministry – Paul Thompson
My biggest personal prayer request this month is regarding some health issues in my family. I can’t be more specific right now, but pray that we find a good course of treatment and even more that God would miraculously intervene.
Professionally, please pray for me in this season of sermon planning for the remainder of 2018 (and beyond). Pray as I read and write that God would lead me to where He wants us to go as a people.
Also, please pray as we train up potential elders and the upcoming nomination and selection process in the spring. Pray that God raises up leaders who honor His word, love His people, and walk closely in fellowship with Him.
Thank you for praying for me and my family. It is simultaneously humbling and encouraging.
Executive Pastor – Charles Uptain
Please pray for our missions committee as they schedule our church mission trips for 2018.
Please pray for our student ministry and Reagan Farris as he begins his work as our interim student minister.
Thank you for praying for me and my family in the loss of my sister. Your words of encouragement have meant so much.
Worship Pastor – Matthew Dorsey
Praise the Lord, my family has been able to move to our permanent home. We are still in the process of renovating, but we are enjoying our new home very much.
Please pray for the next semester of school for the teenagers, that they would continue to settle in well and make God glorifying friendships.
Please pray for God to give me wisdom in ministry for Calvary Baptist.
We will be having meetings with several of our teams within music ministry over the next couple months to refine our direction and offer additional training. Please pray that the Lord would use these times to encourage our teams to serve with excellence and faithfulness in the power of the Spirit.
Continue to pray weekly for our services, spiritual life and death are always at stake as we worship and respond to the Word.
Discipleship Ministry – Dan Tankersley
Pray Colossians 1:9-12 for Calvary members:
“…that [they] may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding,so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him: bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God;being strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy;giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light.”
Pray that 2018 will be a year that we:
-grow in our love for God and for others
-grow in our knowledge of God
-grow in our obedience to God
-grow in our trust of God
-grow in awareness of our sin
-use our time more effectively
-grow in our desire to live as an everyday missionary
-bear much fruit
Pray also for:
- Calvary'sStudent Pastor search
-Calvary’s mission partners across the world
-Church health, unity, vitality
- a disciple-making cultureto continue to take root at Calvary
-transition to church elders
- Life Groups and Leaders
- "My Mission Field" – 2018 initiative
- Foundation Ministry (Calvary's College Ministry)
Preschool Ministry – Joyce Alexander
For Life Connections—Would you please continue to pray for young families to join us for Life Group and worship? I know it must seem like we’ve got a lot of Preschool families right now. We do have a few, but we could always welcome more.
VIPs needed—One of the things I teach the preschoolers is to obey right away. I believe God wants us to be obedient. Would you pray and ask God if He would have you serve once per quarter (that’s 4 times per year) during our worship hour to teach the preschool children as a VIP?
Weekday Ministry—We are so excited that God is answering prayers and sending young families from the Weekday Ministry to worship with us on Sunday. Would you pray for those families as they transition into church?
Senior Adult Ministry – Patty Farrington
Thank you for praying for our senior adults and thank you for all that you do to show much love to this group in our church.
Many in our senior adult ministry are dealing with health issues. They continue to be strong in their faith and thankful for all that God has done for them. Thank you for praying for them.
Thank you for praying for the ministry work at Westside Terrace Health and Rehab facility. Our worship service there continues to grow. Pray for us as we share the love of Jesus each week. Thank you to those who visit and reach out in love to the residents.
Thank you for praying for the safe arrival of our newest grandson in just a few weeks!
Thank you for praying for Woody and me and our ministry work here at Calvary.
We are so blessed!

Intellectual Disabilities Survey...
By: Paul Thompson

Please answer all the survey questions to the best of your ability. Using the following scale, please click the number that best represents your thoughts on each of the following statements.

1 = Strongly Agree
2 = Agree
3 = Undecided
4 = Disagree
5 = Strongly Disagree

Calvary Weekday Ministry
By: Charles Uptain

Calvary WeekdayMinistry
Calvary Weekday Ministryis a service to families with preschoolers in our community. We offer a variety of services to meet most families' needs when it comes to weekday care for preschoolers of all ages. Some of our programs include all day care for working families, half-day care for parents who want to give their child developmental interaction with other children, and a half-day preschool for three and four-year-olds to prepare them for Kindergarten.
If you need more information, pleaseemail our Weekday Director
Michelle Beasley or visit our facebook page:
Calvary Weekday Ministry
901 Montezuma Avenue
Dothan, AL 36303

Student Release Forms
By: Amanda Trammell

Here are the three types offorms you may need:
1. Event Registration Form: This is the form you fill out and turn in with your check for any event you want to participate in.
Click Here
2. Medical Release Form: You fill this form out once a year. It requires a notary...we must have a Medical Release Formon file for you to attend any out of town or overnight events.
Click Herefor 2017 Form
3. Bus Waiver Form: This is a permission slip to allow you to ride the bus. This form must be filled out for EVERY time you ride the bus!

Going Global!
By: Aaron Jacob Chilton

G-Force has gone Global! This is our new theme as we study the book of Acts. Every week we take a look at a different country. We learn how we can better pray for the peopleand also have a better understanding of what the people go through everyday as they live out their Christian life. This is a fun way to learn about missions! Hope to see you all in G-Force this Sunday at 8:00am or 10:45 am!

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Education: Northview High School c/o 2006 Auburn University BS Human Development and Family Studies with Early Childhood Education c/o 2010
Spouse: Scott Deavers

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Family Devotions for Students
By: Amanda Trammell

Here is the link to the family devotions that goes along with the Student's lesson this week:

Monthly Life Group Outreach
By: Charles Uptain

Join us for monthly outreach at 5 PM on Sundays. Each Life Group has been assigned a week to visit. We will be visiting guests of our church, ministering to members in need, and inviting our community to church. This is a great way to fellowship with your life group as we "go" proclaim the name of Jesus in Dothan. Talk to your life group about which Sunday of the month your class has been assigned, or click HERE to see a schedule.
Childcare is available during this time.

Anniversary List

Apr-30...Lisa Duebelt
May-03...Allison Moody
May-04...Chris Johnson
May-12...Scott Griffin
May-16...Christi Peterson, Pete Peterson
May-18...Lori Smith, Elizabeth Woodham

Birthday List

Apr-20...Tyler Campbell, Pam Lolley, Gayle Parsons, Tyler Anne Snell
Apr-21...Jeff Culbreth, Dana Kirkland, Debbie Mearns, Alex Plagenhoef, Amber Smith
Apr-22...Hal McClamma, Raymond McCubbin, John Searcy, Cindy Sheffield, Lynn Tate, Melody Uptain
Apr-23...Marlene Harrell, Lacie Kotouch, Vicki Painter, Neil Pollan, Karen West
Apr-24...Mike Adams, Tom Ethridge, Allen Register, Sheila Rizzi, Danny Sharp, Linda Vann
Apr-25...Alex Thompson
Apr-26...Duane Haley, Kahnan Jones, Gloria Smith, Ron Watson, Wesley Wilkerson
Apr-27...Claire Baker, Mary Jane Culpepper, Tifani Dansby, Bobby Head, Candace Jackson, Gracie Merritt, Zac Pitzing, Alison Suddarth
Apr-28...Raynier Gutierrez, Taylor Hamblin, Karen Martin, Jane Potts, River Reneau, Sylvia Starling, JT Taylor, Carol Wright
Apr-29...Donna Grantham, Charles Starr
May-01...Elizabeth Boozer, Kyndle Brookins, Ken Floyd, Laura Galloway, Chris Herrington, Victoria Lamberth, Jeff Miles, Terry Weatherly
May-02...Doyle Alexander, Amy Crosby, Steve Good, Joey Hall, William Jerkins, Gail McCoy, Tyler Phillips
May-03...Cathy Blankenship, Ramona Griffin, Matthew Irvin, Maddie McCann, Suzanne Richardson, Josh Seales, Will Smith
May-04...Katherine Edwards, Wade Jones, Bailey Wright
May-05...Angel Dudley, Trey Thompson
May-06...Joy Cheshire, Kim Gorland, Kathy Latta, Martha Register
May-07...Heather Floyd, Judy Grubbs, Fay Lankford, Bonnie Pierce, Jeff Plagenhoef
May-08...Jason Robinson
May-09...Lewis Hunt, Debbie Key, Jan McCann
May-10...Mason Wesley Edwards, Lillian Horne, Scotty Niles
May-11...Kayla Carpenter, Peggy Jaye, Robert Pattillo, Patricia Walker, Kevin Warren, Susanne Wilkerson
May-12...Trevor Grantham
May-13...Virgil Fenn, Baily Hope, Forest McBride, Danny Parker, Rick Rikard
May-14...Donnie Dean
May-15...Betty Gross, Ella Rodgers, Samantha Turnham
May-16...Sue Beaty, Becky Copeland, Steve Duebelt, Sarah Lane, Sam W. Robinson, David S. Sheffield, Kacey Smith, Brenda Stefin
May-17...Mason Brady, Gary Cornelius, Garrison Edwards, Anna West
May-18...Ouida Martin, Matt Nall, Peggy Smith, Christopher Tew, Joyce Wallace
May-19...Sissy Moeglin, Kevin Smith, Kai Carol Zhang
May-20...Scott Deavers, Lana Smitherman

WinShape Camp 2014
By: Anne Register

Click Here To Register Your Child
WinShape Camp for Children
Calvary is hosting a WinShape Camp for children (first – sixth grade) this summer July 28 – August 1. Camp cost is $196.00 per child. Scholarships are available to families that need assistance for children to attend camp. If you are a member of Calvary and need assistance in your child attending camp please, contact the Recreation Outreach Center at the church. My email address is: or phone at: 334-836-2949. Calvary wants to help every child from our church to attend camp. There is also a scholarship fund set a side for families in the community that need assistance. Assistance applications for the community will be available on Tuesday March 11. *(kick-off coupon cannot be used with assistance)
Would You Like To Volunteer?
If you are 16 years or above, you can sign up to volunteer

By: Aaron Jacob Chilton

ATTENTION 5th and 6th Graders and their Families!!! G-Force Ministries is launching a new 5th and 6th Grade Ministry called Impact! Impact will be a time when only 5th and 6th Graders can hangout and have a ton of fun! We will be doing some awesome and exciting things! Stay posted for our first event! Who knows we may go galaxy bowling or have a bon fire. We may even go on an adventure to Wild Adventures. Impact is going to leave you wanting more! If you have any questions, please contact Jacob Chilton.

Upcoming Events

04/20/2014 - Clarion Inn

04/27/2014 - Camping Trip

05/04/2014 - Labamba

05/11/2014 - Mother's Day - Mama Rosa's

05/04/2014 - Calvary in the Park @ Westgate Park~
No 2nd Sunday night service on May 11

05/09/2014 - Middle School Boys' Campout~

04/25/2014 - Middle School Girl's Slumber Party~

04/30/2014 - Community Bible Study Share Day~
20 tables with 8 chairs each (can be on door side of FC so you won't have to take down any more Wednesday nights chairs than necessary.)

Will not use rows of chairs

04/26/2014 - Senior Adult Sing~
in Cottonwood

05/05/2014 - Senior Adult trip to Evangelism Conference~
Birmingham, AL

05/01/2014 - Senior Adult trip to see CenturyMen~
Niceville, FL

05/07/2014 - Parent Child Dedication Service Parent Meeting~

05/11/2014 - Parent Child Dedication Service~
Parent Child Dedication will be in both services.

04/27/2014 - Cuba Mission Trip Meeting~

04/27/2014 - Student Partnership with Parents Dinner~
Jeremy will setup Saturday.

Participants Needed for Mission Trip to China
By: Caren Coleson

Louise Garrett is in need of teachers and college age adults to go with her on a mission trip to China in July 2014. Teachers are needed to help with going into classrooms and college age adults are needed to interact with and connect with the students there. If you are interested or would like more information, contact Louise Garrett at 702-8631 or 333-2327.

What's Happening @ Calvary
By: Amanda Trammell

What’s Happening
@ Calvary
8:00 am
Worship, Sanctuary
The Clubhouse, Ages 4-5, Preschool Building
G-Force, Grades 1-6, Children’s Building
9:30 am
Life Groups
10:45 am
Worship, Fellowship Center
The Clubhouse, Ages 4-5, Preschool Building
G-Force, Grades 1-6, Children’s Building
6:00 pm
Ginosko, Children’s Building (5:00 pm on the 2nd Sunday of the month)
Worship, Sanctuary (2nd Sunday of the month only)
10:00 am
Sonshine Choir, Choir Room
5:45 pm
Preschool AWANA, Age 2-K5, Preschool Building
Children AWANA, Grades 1-6, ROC
6:00 pm
Student Worship, Grades 7-12, Student Room
Midweek @ Calvary, Adult Bible Study, Fellowship Center
DivorceCare, Office Building 209
DivorceCare4Kids, Office Building 211
ESL Class, Room 003 Below Sanctuary
Early Service Musicians, Sanctuary
ROCK Moms Bible Study, Room 006 Below Sanctuary
7:00 pm
Choir Rehearsal, Choir Room
8:00 pm
Ten45 Musicians, Fellowship Center

VBS Volunteers 2014
By: Aaron Jacob Chilton

Calling all Senior Agents!
We need your help! Agency D3 is starting to recruit Agents forVacation Bible School! Pleasereport to Mission Control if you are interested in helping! There is not an Agent too old to help! Please be in prayer about it!
VBS is June 9th-13th.
If you are interested, contact Senior Agent Jacob:
(334) 792-5159

Calvary Spring Neighborhood Parties
By: Charles Uptain

Calvary Spring Neighborhood Parties
Do you remember how much fun we all had at the neighborhood block parties back in the Fall? I remember hearing lots of groups who could not wait to do them again. Well, spring is here, and it is time to party! We, here at Calvary, have a goal of hosting over 40 neighborhood parties in the month of April! Will you host one? These parties are great tools in helping us find out the needs of the folks who live closest to us. Come to the Upcoming Events booth in the back of the Fellowship Center to pick up a packet or even sign up that you will host a party in your neighborhood.

Time to Register for Weekday!
By: Joyce Alexander

It’s registration time for our 3K, 4K, and Kindergarten programs. The registration fee is $135 (Non-refundable). You may pay $35 (Non-refundable) to reserve your spot in a class and pay the remainder byAugust 1, 2015. We accept check or money order.
ClickHEREto open a printable enrollment packet.
Age Guidelines:
3K- Must be 3 years old beforeSeptember 1, 2014
4K-Must be 4 years old beforeSeptember 1, 2014
Kindergarten-Must be 5 years old beforeSeptember 1, 2014
All programs are8am-12pm
3 year old Programs:
2-day (T TH) $115/month
3-day (MWF) $145/month
5-day (M-F) $205/month
4 year old Program:
5-day (M-F) $205/month
5-day (M-F) $205/month
After school care is until5:30 p.m.
Preschool + Afterschool Care: $125/week w/ lunch $130/week
For more information please feel free to contact Calvary Weekday at334-793-9898

Student Choir Starts Up Sunday!
By: Amanda Trammell

Student Choir
Student Choir begins meeting this Sunday, March 16 at 4:00pm in the choir room. Join us if you are interested in sharing God's love through music. The choir will be sharing during the Student Miami Mission Trip this summer.

Student Miami Mission
By: Amanda Trammell

Miami Mission
Who can go?
Students 7-12th grade. Choir rehearsals are held Sundays at 4:00 pm in the Choir Room
When is it?
May 31-June 5
How much does it cost?
$150 Per student
When is the dealine to sign up?
For more information contactJeremy Allen or

Panama City Beach Week 2014
By: Amanda Trammell

Panama City Beach Week 2014
Who can go?
Students 7-12th grade.
When is it?
July 14-18
How much does it cost?
$200 Per student
When is the dealine to sign up?
$50 Deposit is due Sunday, May 25. Final $130 and all forms are due Sunday, June 29:
For more information contact:Jeremy Allen or

Summer Volunteer Opportunities for Students 2014
By: Amanda Trammell

Here are two great opportunites for Students to help with Summer activites at Calvary!
Vacation Bible School
Who can volunteer?
Students 7-12th grade.When is it?
June 9-13How do I sign up?
Fill out at Student VBSVolunteer form and put it in the Drop Box or turn it into Amanda in the OfficeWinShape Camp
Who can volunteer?
Students 16 and older.When is it?
July28-August 1How do I sign up?

Senior Adults Upcoming Events
By: Patty Farrington

Senior Adults Upcoming Events
Senior Adult Block Party: Senior Adults will be hosting a block party at Westside Terrace Sunday, April 27 from 4-6pm. There will be a hamburger/hotdog cook out and the Sonshine Choir will sing. Call Emily in the church office if you want to sign up to help.
Senior Adult Gospel Sing: Join us at the Braswell Christian Ministries Senior Adult Gospel Sing on April 26 from 10:00 am- 2:00 pm. Cost is $5. Lunch is included. The Sonshine Choir will be singing. Call Emily to sign up.

Camp ROCK Final Performance
By: Anne Register

Camp ROCK Final Performance
The Camp ROCK Kids will have their final performance day April 28 at 5:00 pm in the Fellowship Center. There will be a dance, fashion show, and art on display. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy these precious children shine with the gifts God has given them.

Student Ministry Partnership With Parents Dinner
By: Amanda Trammell

Partnership With Parents Dinner
Parents of 6th-12th graders, please join us for a special dinner hosted by Calvary Student Ministry honoring you. The dinner will be Sunday, April 27, at 6:00 pm in the Student Room. Partnering with parents is a top priority in our Student Ministry. Come find out how to get your student plugged in and what we have in store for the Student Ministry. This event is for parents only. Please RSVP by Sunday, April 20.

Middle School Girls Slumber Party
By: Amanda Trammell

Please call Amanda in the church office to sign up by WEDNESDAY! 792-5159
Middle School Girls Slumber Party
Who can go?Any girl who is in 5th-8th GradeWhen is it?7:00 pm Friday, April 25-10:00 am Saturday, April 26Where is it?In the Student RoomHow much does it cost?FREE!What are we going to do?Stay up late, eat yummy snacks, learn about how we are God’s masterpiece, and have LOTS of fun!When is the deadline to sign up?Wednesday, April 23

Parent Child Dedication
By: Joyce Alexander

Parent Child Dedication Service is scheduled for Sunday, May 11, 2014.
For more information, please contact Joyce Alexander in the church office at 792-5159
or by email at

Resources for Parents of Preschoolers
By: Amanda Trammell

Here are some of our favorite articles and resources to help you in raising children who love God.
Twenty-Two Six Parenting
Tools for raising kidswho love God and love others.
Put This On Your Calendarfrom Verge Network
"I’ve always been bothered by the amount of time we (me included) are willing to spend planning, prioritizing, brainstorming, etc… as it relates to our business versus the amount of time we are willing to spend doing the same as it relates to our marriage and family. It’s really foolish if you think about it. Compare what we have to lose in both areas. In business, a few bucks. In family, a few generations."
On Mission With Your Children from Verge Network
"No one is better positioned or equipped to share the gospel with a child
than his or her mom and dad. The sheer amount of time spent with
their children gives parents a great opportunity to declare and demonstrate
the gospel consistently. Because parents know their children best,
they also know best how to communicate the gospel to them."
Sanctification And Marriage from Verge Network
"Hear this theology – marriage is a beautiful thing that only reaches what it was designed to
bethrough the methodology of a painful process.You’ll never hear that on a jeweler’s
commercial!The surrounding culture is trying to sell you the kingdom of self,
filled with comfort, pleasure, and ease."
Three Steps To Raising Disciples From The Verge Network
"As a parent, God has entrusted you with a tremendous privilege and responsibility.
The Bible speaks frequently to parents offering encouragement, wisdom and instruction.
Before Shannon and I had kids I remember having a conversation about how we
would be different than our friends who were letting their kids drive the family’s schedule and priorities.We vowedto be different,that was until we actually had our first kid."
Praying With Your Kids From Faith Gateway
"It doesn’t need to be a sermon or full of fancy words likebetrothedandhither.Just say what’s on your mind, “I’m having a hard day God, will you help me?”Then pray for each of the kids. Letting them hear you pray for them is a powerful thing. It shows them that they are loved in a deep and lasting way when mom asks for help from the Father whoknows their deepest heart."
D6Splink Resources
"Splink is a simple way to link your family together spiritually.
Through FREE weekly emails packed with ideas, Splink helps
you and your family engage in conversation. Whether it’s making memories
or having fun together, Splink allows you to capture those teachable
moments to impress spiritual truths and life lessons on your kids.
No matter where you are, there’s always time to Splink!"
Secret Church by David Platt
"When we think of 'church' in America, we think of going to meet at a building, singing, praying and hearing a message from a pastor or teacher. But in many places around the world, "church" meets in a home, an apartment, and sometimes even in secret. Many times there are just a few believers who know and follow Christ.
Secret Church is our 'house church' where we meet periodically for an intense time of Bible study—lasting 6+ hours—including a time of prayer for our brothers and sisters across the globe who are facing persecution and for those who have still not heard the gospel. This is not for the uncommitted or faint at heart. But if you desire to know God more deeply through His Word and know His church more fully around the world, then please join us for Secret Church."

Calvary @ The Park
By: Amanda Trammell

Join us for a picnic in the park Sunday, May 4 from 4:00-6:00 pm at the Westgate Park Soccer Fields!There will be lots of games and activities for people of all ages. Hamburgers and all the fixing's will be provided. Bring your own chairs, tents, and any games you may want to share.

Vacation Bible School
By: Joyce Alexander

Vacation Bible School Registration
Trace it back to just the facts! The evidence is clear. The proof is all right here! Come discover, decide, and defend the truth about who Jesus really is at Agency D3 on June 9-13!
VBS is open to all children who turned 3 years old by September 1, 2014 through those who have completed sixth grade by May 2014. There is no cost to attend VBS! Enroll your children today at Contact Jacob or Joyce in the church office today!

Honduras Mission Trips
By: Amanda Trammell

Honduras 1 and 2
June 15-21 or October 19-25
Cost: $1,500.00
We will visit villages that we have worked in over the past few years. We will have teams working in construction, medical and discipleship. We have the opportunity to disciple people we have seen accept Jesus during our previous trips. Need: 18 people for each trip.

From the Senior Pastor
By: Paul Thompson

A Primer for Easter
Hopefully this newsletter will arrive to you just before Easter Sunday. As you probably already know, Easter is typically the highest attended Sunday of the year. More people will attend this Sunday’s services at churches all over America than will attend on Christmas or Mother’s Day. But, while more people do attend on this Sunday than any other, fewer are attending than ever before. According to a recent Lifeway study, 41% of Americans said they planned to attend, 39% said they are not planning to attend, and 20% said they were undecided. That information leads to the following suggestions on how to make this is our best Easter possible as a church and how we can maximize our opportunities:
Do everything you can do to make it to church this Sunday. No Christian should ever tire of hearing the Gospel or celebrating the Resurrection! And your presence here is a witness and a testimony. Don’t let a bright, sunny Spring day (or a cold, damp one) keep you from worshipping and celebrating this Sunday! Let’s fill the services with enthusiastic worshippers giving a powerful testimony of our love for God!Invite someone to come to church with you on Easter. Offer to pick them up, meet them at the door, or take them to lunch after. At least 20% of the people out there are still undecided. Let’s urge them to a “yes”. Use phone calls, emails, texts, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Knock on some neighbor’s doors while you’re at it. The benefits are eternal!If you are a church member, consider yourself a host/hostess on this most important day. The responsibility of hospitality and friendliness is a not a ‘job’ meted out to the greeters, ushers, and staff. It is the calling of us all. Be very intentional about speaking to anyone you don’t know. Treat everyone like a special, invited guest.Pray – A LOT – for your pastor, the message, and all the people who will be hearing it on this day. Pray for clarity, conciseness, and supernatural power in the teaching. Pray that God will draw people to himself and that people will not resist, but respond to the Gospel. Pray also that God will speak to you.Begin thinking about what comes after Easter. Far too often, churches experience a letdown of sorts after this big day. Let’s do all we can to prevent that! Let Easter be for us a launching point towards what God is going to do next in our church. After Easter, we will begin as important a series of messages/teachings as I have ever done. I am calling it RESET, with the aim of returning the church to the foundational responsibility and activity of disciple-making. Let us both commit ourselves to this and do all we can to connect with our newcomers and guests!He is Risen!
Pastor Paul

For the Record
By: Amanda Trammell

For the Record
April 6-April 13
April 6
8:00 Worship 340
10:45 Worship 356
Life Groups 690
Mission Churches 281
Nursing Homes 90
Outreach Bible Study 21
April 13
8:00 Worship 308
10:45 Worship 299
Life Groups 673
Mission Churches 305
Nursing Homes 43
Outreach Bible Study 10
General Fund
Given April 6$49,643.85
Given April 13 $51,303.62
Given Y-T-D $669,274.75
Budgeted Y-T-D $758,221.20
Partners In Ministry
Given April 6 $555.00
Given April 13 $950.00
Tier I Goal$100,000.00
Tier II Goal$200,000.00
Tier III Goal$235,000.00
Given to Tier III$193,352.46
Annie Armstrong Easter Offering
Given April 6 $3,500.00
Given April 13 $5,235.00
Given Year To Date $14,843.00
Donnivan and Shantell Jones
Michael and JoAnn Wilson
Jazmyn Wilson
Dennis and Carol Rodgers

Sermon Schedule
By: Amanda Trammell

Sermon Schedule
Sunday, April 20
8:00 and 10:45 am
Because He Lives
Message by Paul Thompson
Wednesday, April 23
6:00 pm
The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached:
A Tree and Its Fruit
Matthew 7:15-20
Message by Paul Thompson
Sunday, April 27
8:00 am and 10:45 am
Message by Paul Thompson
Wednesday, April 30
6:00 pm
The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached:
The Hardest Verse
Matthew 7:21-23
Message by Paul Thompson

Volunteer for Field Day at Calvary's Adopted School
By: Ron Bruce

Volunteer for Field Day at Calvary’s Adopted School
Coach Lauren Fuller is looking for a few volunteers that would assist Girard Elementary (Kindergarten – 5th Grade Students) with their field day events on Friday, May 16. If you would be interested in helping please contact Ron or Anne in the Recreation Outreach Center 334-836-2949.

High School Senior Recognition Sunday Registration
By: Amanda Trammell

High School Senior Recognition Sunday Registration
Senior Recognition Sunday is scheduled for Sunday, May 18. All high school seniors need to have their pictures, thank you note, and lunch RSVP turned into the church office by Sunday, May 4.

Graduation Matters
By: Ron Bruce

Graduation Matters
Wednesday April 30 is Graduation Matters at Girard Middle School. We need volunteers to share with students about their profession, the education it took to get employed and how their job has inspired them. We would love to have you join us as we meet once a month from 8:00 am – 8:30 am at Girard Middle School. You will be assigned a classroom of about 21 students ranging in grades 6th – 8th. Please call the Recreation Outreach Center at 334-836-2949 or email Ron Bruce at if you are interested.

Community Parent's Bible Study
By: Anne Register

Community Parent’s Bible Study
Volunteers are needed to teach the Community Parent’s Bible Study Fall 2014-Spring 2015 on Wednesday nights from 6:00 pm-7:00 pm. If you are interested, you can sign up for a six week period. Please contact Anne Register,, or call her in the Recreation Outreach Center, 334-836-2949, if you would like to sign up.

Staff on Call
By: Amanda Trammell

Staff On Call Schedule
Saturday, April 19
Steve Chambers, 772-215-3606
Sunday, April 20
Ron Bruce, 334-701-1817
Saturday, April 26
Jeremy Allen, 334-648-6695
Sunday, April 27
Jeremy Allen, 334-648-6695

By: Amanda Trammell

The Calvary family extends our deepest sympathy to...
The Family of Sam Carroll
The flowers in the Fellowship Center Sunday, April 20 are placed in memory of Reverend Bill Garrett by his wife and daughter, Louise Garrett and Gay Smith.
Deacons of the Week
April 20 Bill Smith, Kevin Smith, Andy Franklin, David Hope
April 27 Hudson Lazenby, Don Askew, Allen Bourland, John Horn
First Touch Ministry
Serving April 20, 9:30 a.m.
ROC – Ingram
Sanctuary – Barrentine
Preschool – Donop
Serving April 27, 9:30 a.m.
ROC – Turner
Sanctuary – Bourland/Knight
Preschool - Searcy
Volunteers in Preschool
VIPS Sunday, April 20
8:00 Nicole Chenoweth and Becky Copeland
10:45 Key and Beth Mahone
VIPS Sunday, April 27
8:00 Andy and Amy Franklin
10:45 John and Lee Searcy