Partners in Ministry...
By: Van Gauthe

Welcome to a brand new opportunity to grow in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and serve Him anew this coming year with great love, eternal joy to make a massive eternal difference.
Quickly let's look back at some supernatural victories. Thank you for standing in the gap faithfully in prayer for me and my whole family all of the past year but especially during the challenges of the latter portion of 2009. We also say a big word of praise for the wonderful and satisfying meal after meal. You totally overwhelmed us with such constant loving care as well as over-the-top concern. It was impossible for us to adequately respond to every call, visit, card, email, and text message but all were noted and deeply appreciated.
One major lesson that the Father renewed in my heart and soul was, "I am in charge of absolutely nothing!" Never have been…never will be. The Lord God is so much more than adequate…always has been…always will be. No, we are still undeserving, but deeply, deeply grateful and give Him all glory, honor and praise.
Would you, right now, mark Sunday, February 7, as a date that belongs to Jehovah Jirah as we gather in high numbers for an official "note burning" to say, "Glory to God" because for the first time in over 50 long years, by grace, we are now DEBT FREE! Watch this space weekly and look and listen to the videos at the gathering in the Worship Center before the official start of Worship Celebration each morning and evening on Sundays, so that you will gather adequate information to properly celebrate such a massive accomplishment.
We were able to carry over a very small amount of financial funds from the close of 2008 into 2009 beginnings and nearly that whole sum was quickly used for a new computer server system that had been delayed too long. All of 2009 was way too tight and we cut back constantly without neglecting exactly what we knew Yahweh had lead us to accomplish. In December 2009, we saw God do the unexpected in a high, holy manner and we are not in the red but in the black financially as we start a new decade in 2010. All glory, honor and praise to the Lord God! It is my prayer, hope and belief that we can literally soar more than ever before in 2010 if we will be in unity to seek souls for the Savior and gladly obey Scripture to weekly be obedient in our money matters to honor our Heavenly Father and experience the joy of satisfaction of acing another area of growing honorable, spiritual muscles. Let us even now get ready to celebrate numerous and awesome dynamic victories in every area of our life as individuals and as a loving church family at the close of 2010. Join our heads, hands and hearts together now at the start of 2010 and let us stay close together as we walk one day at a time on victory road in all of 2010. God be praised.
Your pastor,
He is no fool to give what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.
Jim Elliot

Next Level Classes for Adults
By: Angie Tice

Next Level Classes for AdultsWinter Semester Begins Wednesday, January 13
6:00 p.m.
"The Man God Uses,"by Henry and Tom Blackaby, Men's Bible Study, led by Ed Wright, Room G314, The study is a guidebook for Christian men who seek to follow God's will in their homes, offices, churches and communities.
“GO,” led by Gary Cornelius, Room R303, 6-week class, LCG may choose to do their outreach during this class. Is the Great Commission optional? We know it is not but too many times we miss an opportunity to share with someone we know we should. This class is a simple approach to sharing the gospel with class timeAND on-the-job training. We will learn to use a simple outline and we will go out and visit. Bottom line – this class is about putting our faith into action!
“The Amazing Collection,” Women's Bible Study, led by Jackie Whitehead, Room G313, Cost: $10.00, This outstanding video series presents a dynamic, sequential overview teaching of each book of the Bible, with personal stories and inspirational music. The workbook was written for our busy lives. Join us to see how God’s Word fits together and applies to your life today.
“Have a New Kid by Friday,” by Dr. Kevin Leman, led by Joyce Alexander, Room G317, Cost: $10.00, Change your child’s behavior—fast! This study will take parents through a six-lesson parenting "boot camp" with practical ideas and strategies that they will use for the rest of their child's growing years. Through each DVD lesson, Dr. Leman helps parents understand why children behave the way they do, points out mistakes that parents make to encourage bad behavior, and helps parents develop the courage to do what is best for their kids. This class will help parents learn how to change the attitude, behavior, and character of their strong-willed child in as little as five days.
“How Should We Then Live," by Dr. Francis Schaeffer, led by Dave Lindey, Room R301, This study is a video condensation of Francis Schaeffer's book by the same name. The question is the result of understanding the claims of TRUTH, God's Word, and the contrasting error of our world. He outlines the changing thought and accompanying decay, as humans moved from God centered mind set, to the chaos of post-modern thinking. How did we get here? In the 1960s,Francis was sent as a missionary to the intelligencia of Europe's universities. He traces the decay of man throughthe literature and art ofmajor periods of history, identifying the departure from TRUTH.
“Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman,” by Beth Moore, Women's Bible Study, led by Pam Gordon, Room G318, Cost: $15.00, If you’ve ever felt inadequate, threatened, or pushed into situations that seemed overpowering, this is the study for you. Just as it was tough being a woman in Esther’s day, it is tough today. Join Beth Moore as she peels back the layers of history and shows how very contemporary and applicable the story of Esther is to our lives.
Intercessory Prayer Class, led by Ann Varnum, Room G310
Anyone interested in knowing how to pray especially for others are invited to attend. This class also will be praying for specific needs for our church or for others outside our congregation. People who want to pray and to learn how to pray more according to Scripture are urged to come. This is open to men and women. You can come for one meeting or as many as you would like. Individuals with specific needs should come if you would like for us to pray with you.

Sermon Topics
By: Caren Coleson

Sermon Topics
January 10, 2010
8:15 and 10:45 a.m.
Message by Van Gauthe
"Conquering the Unimportant"
Mark 2:23-3:6
6:00 p.m.
Message by Ed Wright
"The Lord's Supper…
How Did It Start?"
1 Corinthians 11:23-34

By: Ed Wright

I want to thank all those who drive buses and vans on Sunday mornings to pick up people. Your servant’s heart is very much appreciated. There are times when because of the need for our church vehicles, rides are not available. I would like to develop a grid that when there is a need for transportation we would have people willing to help out. We need people from all over our city. We need to be able to say to someone needing transportation that we have someone who is willing to pick them up and take them home. Would you be available to do that? Please contact me and let me know.

Our Bible Study is back in gear. We will continue to study the book, “The Man God Uses” by Henry and Tom Blackaby. We will meet in Room G314 in the ROC at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesdays. We will study and then pray for each other. Guys, this is a great time to gain strength and bond together.

Music Ministry
By: Angie Tice

Movie Shoot Time

This Sunday evening, January 10, following our 6:00 service, we will be shooting a scene from our movie project. We will have a living nativity on the front lawn of the Worship Center and we will be asking folks to walk by the nativity while they exit the Worship Center. There are no costumes and no lines. We just need you. At the conclusion of the service, we will give you specific instructions and then ask you to exit the Worship Center. Thank you in advance for your willingness to be a partner in this ministry.

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow!

Children's Ministry
By: Charles Uptain

G-Force and DiscipleLand are Back!Sunday, January 10
8:15 and 10:45 a.m.
Fellowship Center

We will resume our normal schedule for Children and Preschool Worship this Sunday, January 10. We will begin a brand new series…don’t miss it!

Summer Camp Meeting
Grades 3 - 6
Sunday, January 24
7:00 p.m. in Fellowship Center

If you are interested in sending your third through sixth grader to camp, meet with us in the Fellowship Center after the evening worship service on January 24. We will answer your questions and give all the specifics of the most fun week of the summer.

Student Ministry
By: Matt Scott

ECHO LOUD - DiscipleNow 2010
Friday, February 26-Sunday, February 28Speaker: Wade MorrisWorship Leaders: Exit 13
Cost: $80.00Family Discount Available! (Second Student- $70, Third Student- $60, etc.) This only applies to students within the same immediate family.
Partial and Full Scholarships Available! See Matt for scholarship application.
Register and pay by Wednesday, February 3, to be entered in a drawing for a free registration to Student Life at the Beach ($300 value)!

Recreation Ministry
By: Ron Bruce

Summer 2010 New York Mission Trip Meeting
Wednesday, February 3, 6:00-7:00 p.m., Room G310
If you think you would be interested in going on the New York Mission trip this summer, please plan to attend this meeting.
Upward Basketball Schedule
Monday, January 25
Supersonicsvs. Nicks (K5-1st Grade)5:30 p.m. Court 1
Comets vs. Hawks (K5-1st Grade) 5:30 p.m. Court 2
Blazers vs. Timberwolves (K5-1st Grade) 6:30 p.m. Court 1
Tuesday, January 26
Cowboys vs. Hurricanes (Grades 5-6)5:30 p.m. Full Court
Tar Heels vs. Commodores (Grades 5-6) 6:30 p.m. Full Court
Thursday, January 28
Suns vs. Sparks (Grades 2-4) 5:30 p.m. Court 1
Sting vs. Bulls (Grades 2-4)5:30 p.m. Court 2
Hornets vs. Bobcats (Grades 2-4) 6:30 p.m. Court 1
Magic vs. Cavaliers (Grades 2-4)6:30 p.m. Court 2

Senior Adult Ministry
By: Patty Farrington

Happy New Year to each one. Woody and I have had a blessed time together during the holidays. Thank you for allowing us to have this time together. We hope that each one of you were able to spend time with family and friends during this Christmas season.
We are excited to have one of our dear precious saints to reach the 100 milestone. A very special Happy Birthday to our own Ruth Pelland. We are thrilled to be able to celebrate number 100 with her. Ruth Laney was born on January 10, 1910, near Ariton, Alabama. In 1944, she married Laurin Kenneth Pelland. She is the mother of two sons, six grandchildren, nine great grandchildren and one great-great grandchild. She attended Troy State Teachers College and received her degree in Elementary Education from the University of Alabama. She taught in the public schools for 41 years. Mrs. Pelland has traveled to 15 foreign countries and every state in the United States. She is an inspiration to each one of us. Thank you, Mrs. Ruth! I hope that I live to be 100 and to be as active as you continue to be. Happy Birthday again to you!

Preschool Ministry
By: Joyce Alexander

Happy New Year!
I'm looking forward to what God has in store for Calvary in 2010!
Preschool Activities Resume this Sunday, January 10
? AWANA Cubbies, 5:00 p.m., Room P112 for Age 4-Kindergarten
? DiscipleLand (Preschool Worship), 8:15 and 10:45 a.m., Age 4-Kindergarten
Preschool Security Tags Missing
If you have any purple preschool security tags, please return them to the preschool desk.
Looking for a place to get connected?
Call Leslie Payne, 673-4607, and volunteer to be a VIP (Volunteer in Preschool) four times per year either at the 8:15 or 10:45 a.m. Worship Celebration.
VIPs for Sunday, January 10
8:15: Shane and Christina Sinquefield, Jason and Stephanie Gilbreaith, Matt and Jackie Whitehead
10:45: David and Elizabeth Woodham, Rhoda Weber, Terri Griffin, Brenda Roberts, Olivia Roberts
6:00: Corey and Amy Patterson

Singles Ministry
By: Caren Coleson

Woody and I hope that each one of you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for allowing us some time of rest and the opportunity to visit with family in Birmingham. We are blessed to be a part of the Singles Ministry and look forward to all that God has for us in 2010. You truly are the best and I look forward to our new year together.

College Ministry
By: Matt Scott

Introducing College DiscipleNow!
Friday, February 26-Sunday, February 28
Cost: $40.00

This year we are offering a College DNow. As a college student, you will be a part of the large group worship time but you will have your own small group bible studies and activities. During the weekend, you will be staying in College Only Host Homes. Also, as a college student, you will receive a special college discount!

Contact Matt, 836-2949, for more details!

Flower Calendar
By: Caren Coleson

2010 Flower CalendarThe flowers provided for the worship services on Sundays are sometimes a memorial or are given to honor someone on a special occasion. If you would like to provide flowers on one of the following dates, circle the requested date, and return the form to the church office.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
3 7 7 4 2 6
14 14 11 9 13
17 2118 16 20
24 28 28 25 23 27
31 30
July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
4 1 5 3 7 5
11 8 12 10 14
18 1517 21 19
25 22 26 24 28 26
29 31

Name____________________________________ Phone_______________________
In Honor of__________________________ In Memory of________________________
Do you want to donate the arrangement to the flower ministry? ____ yes ____ no

By: Ron Bruce

Begins Wednesday, January 6
6:00 p.m.
Room R308
Group Facilitators:
Charles and Becky Kite

DivorceCare for Kids
Begins Wednesday, January 6
6:00 p.m.
Room R306
Group Facilitators: Becky Otto
and Suzanne Long

DivorceCare is a weekly seminar and support group for people who are separated or divorced. If you have questions about DivorceCare or DivorceCare for Kids or need additional information, call the ROC, 836-2949.

By: Ron Bruce

New Session Begins Wednesday, January 6
6:00-7:20 p.m.
Room G311
Group Facilitator: Billy Barfield
GriefShare is a weekly seminar and support group for people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. If you have any questions about GriefShare or need additional information, call the ROC, 836-2949.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions
By: Van Gauthe

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions
National Goal: $175 million
Calvary's Goal: $55,000
Given to Date: $43,090.02The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering will be taken through Sunday, January 31.

Birthday List
By: Caren Coleson

Jan-10...Stephanie Bryant, Ashley Davis, Dave Durbin, Marietha Forester, Ruth Pelland, Jeremiah Richardson
Jan-11...Brian Hannah, Cheryl Hunter-Morrow, Shariza Klinger, Perryn Webb
Jan-12...Ryan Franks, Jana Fryer, Votie Hodges, Annie Holland, Robert May, Leslie Payne, Tana E. Pike, Marshall Smith
Jan-13...Freddy Brannon, Caleb Brightwell, Donny F. Bruner, Karen Bullard, Michael Grantham, Kevin Hughes, Myrian Owen, Myra Shipes, Madisyn Taylor, Madisyn Grace Taylor, Kade Thompson, Austen Whitehead, Stephanie Wilkerson
Jan-14...Diana Alcantar, Verdie Black, Savannah Bonner, Ciara Deal, Benton Dorsey, Abby Downs, Phyllis Gassett, Anna Klement, Carol Phillips, Lee S. Williams
Jan-15...Clifford Allsup, Voncille Askew, A.J. Jernigan, Sherry Marlow, Boots McBride, Ashantae Nelson, Patrick Nelson, Rachael Perkins, Nancy Scarborough
Jan-16...Robert Bailey, Alex Belflower, Michael Ham, CynthiaS. Hays, Scott King, Lynda Madison

Information for Last Week
By: Caren Coleson

Information for Last Week
December 21, 2009-January 3, 2010
LCG, December 27.................................. 1,011
LCG, January 3....................................... 1,029
CWM Average Attendance.................... 115

General Fund
Given December 27....................... $44,828.00
Given December 28-31.................. $89,535.00
Given in 2009............................ $2,624,711.98
2009 Goal................................... $2,882,867.52
Given January 3............................. $43,632.64
Given Year-to-Date....................... $43,632.64
Year-to-Date Goal......................... $52,471.15
Partners In Ministry
Given December 27......................... $8,156.00
Given December 28-31......................... $20.00
Given in 2009............................... $188,637.87
Given January 3............................... $3,230.00
Given Year-to-Date......................... $3,230.00
Lottie Moon Offering
Given to Date................................. $37,344.89

BY LETTER (December 27, 2009)
Christopher Scott Gwynn
BY LETTER (January 3, 2009)
Lynn Cobb
Tevin Brown
Emma Tyson

Opportunities for the Week
By: Caren Coleson

Opportunities for the Week
8:15 a Worship Celebration, Wc
8:15 a G-Force Worship, FC
8:15 a DiscipleLand Worship, FC
9:00 a Media Library Opens
9:30 a Life Connection Groups
10:45 a Worship Celebration, WC10:45 a G-Force Worship, FC10:45 a DiscipleLand Worship, FC10:45 a Iglesia Bautista El Calvario, Chapel5:00 p Sunday Outreach, FC
5:00 p AWANA Cubbies, K4, P112
5:00 p AWANA Sparks, K5-Gr. 2, R303
5:00 p AWANA T&T Club, Gr. 3-6, Gym
5:30 p Media Library Opens
6:00 p Evening Worship, WC
9:00 a Senior Adult Exercise, R300
9:00 a Blood Pressure Check, Office
9:00 a Women's Bible Study, R304
6:00 p Student Girls Bible Study, Home of Stephanie Scott, 113 S. Roberta Avenue
6:30 p Iglesia Prayer Service, Chapel
9:00 a Senior Adult Exercise, R300
9:00 a Community Bible Study, Chapel
5:00 p Family Night Supper, FC
5:45 p M&M's, K4-K5, P220/P222
5:45 p STOMP, Grades 1-6
6:00 p Student Midweek Bible Study, TZ
6:00 p Media Library Opens
6:00 p Calvary Players, R300
6:00 p DivorceCare, R308
6:00 p DivorceCare for Kids, R306
6:00 p ESL, Azalea Room
6:00 p GriefShare, G311
6:00 p "Esther," G318
6:00 p "GO," R303
6:00 p "Have a New Kid by Friday," G317
6:00 p "How Should We Then Live," R301
6:00 p "The Amazing Collection," G313
6:00 p "The Man God Uses," G314
6:00 p Intercessory Prayer Class, G310
6:15 p Prayer and Praise, Chapel
6:30 p Celebration Wind Ensemble, WC
7:30 p Celebration Choir, Chapel
9:00 a Senior Adult Exercise, R300

Rummage Sale
By: Caren Coleson

Remember to gather your donations for the rummage sale.
Rummage Sale to Benefit Brad, Dana and Lucy Dean Family
Sponsored by MP1 (Nunnally) LCG
Saturday, February 6
7:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
Please bring any donations you have for the rummage sale to the church parking lot across from the ROC on Saturday, January 30, 8:30-11:45 a.m. Items donated can be tax deductible and a receipt will be given.

By: Caren Coleson

Van and Sue Gauthe and the church family extend their deepest sympathy to…
Jimmy Coleson – death of father
Randy Hays – death of brother
The family of Priscilla Malone
Jana Wright – death of father

Jana Wright

January 10 Danny Boudreaux, Mike Azar, Jim DeHaven, Steve Vinson
January 17 Donald Bass, Mike Adams, Billy Barfield, Chris Dupree

Serving January 10 at 9:30 a.m.
ROC – MBF (Kite)
Worship Center – MS1 (Mills)
Preschool – MP3 (Robinson)/MC2 (Castle)

January 10, 5:00 p.m., Dogwood Room
MP3 (Harrison) MC3 (Lambert)
MV2 (Maddox) AO2 (Hardy)
MBF (Kite) SG3 (Azar)

We thank the following Volunteers in Preschool who served in Extended Session on December 27: Eric and Melanie Donop, Kim Martin, Karmen Dorsey, Jeremy and Mary Bullard.
We thank the following Volunteers in Preschool who served in Extended Session on January 3: Gloria Watson, Marcus and Toni Cannon, Christine Herrington, Sherry Faulk, Peggy Mills, Lisa Bradburn.

Wednesday, January 13, 5:00-6:00 p.m.
Barbecue/Corn Dog Dinner
Individuals 11 years old and up - $5.00
Senior Adults - $4.00
Children 4-10 years old - $4.00
Preschoolers 3 years old and under – free
For reservations or cancellations,
call 792-5159 by Monday, 4:30 p.m.